Shopping at Boots in UK

I love shopping at boots because you can collect points whether shopping online or instore which one can later use to redeem items. The bigger boots stores tend to stock premium beauty such as Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Dior, Lancome, Clarins, Benefit so you can actually purchase loads of items from Boots.

Shopping Online

The website is a little unreliable…especially if you are switching between different brands when purchasing items -either your new items dont get added to the basket or when you switch to a different brand, the items selected previously from a different brand disappear. In particular I have had loads of problems navigating the Dior website. There is also no option of zooming onto the products for a better look. There is also no way of contacting customer service online, you can either call them or contact them through snail mail.

Other then that, one gets free delivery over orders of £45 and above. It took 4 days for the items to arrive (although it was mention that it would take them 5 working days to deliver the items). There are options for next day delivery at extra cost. The plus side is that the items come really securely packed. I ordered 2 mascaras and a gloss that came in a huge box with paper stuffing protecting that 3 items.

Instore shopping

During normal purchases, one gets 4 points for every £1 one spends. However, it takes 100 advantage points before you can redeem an item of £1. If you happen to forget your card, ask for a validation voucher. It allows you to bring in your card with that voucher the next round to get your points added. There are advantage point kiosks at bigger Boots that give out vouchers for bonus points depending on the amount spent or items bought.

Advantage of collecting Points

The one good thing about boots advantage points is that by collecting points you really can redeem items for free, as long as you have sufficient points for it. So something like a pack of tissues or panadol could be free at any Boots stores provided you have sufficient points. Its quite different from other stores where you have to at least collect or spend £500 and above before you get a £5 voucher that perhaps has to be used only with a certain amount or for only certain items.

Best Tme to Shop

The best time to garner extra points will be during their bonus points events (such as the xmas shopping events held in October – November, or double/ triple points during summertime). Do remember to check at the Advantage Points Kiosk before shopping because usually they give out vouchers (250 bonus points for purchases over £30; 200 bonus points for purchases over £25, or even bonus points for particular items bought). You can also use the bonus vouchers together with their special bonus point events as well.

It also helps when one can purchase magazines, medication, even food (sandwiches/snacks), drinks, print out photos, purchase small electirical items (at bigger boots stores) and even top up mobile phone credits at Boots instore which really helps to add up the points.

So before venturing into a boots, draw up you battle plan, visit the advantage points kiosk and buy, buy, buy! Remember to stick to your battle plan and split your purchases to maximise your gains for your boots card!!

Dont forget the next Boots instore 1000 bonus points shopping event is on November 26th and November 27th. It starts after 3pm.

Happy Shopping!



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