My Lipstick Obsession…The Hunt for the Perfect Red

 Lancôme Cest Magnifique Holiday 2008. Picture from Nordstrom
Lancôme 'C'est Magnifique' Holiday 2008. Picture from Nordstrom

Christmas is coming soon…which means loads of parties and my favourite look is red lips with neutrally enhanced eyes like the model above. If one finds the perfect red, you truly can get away with little makeup. The perfect red will magically transform one by brightening your face, making your teeth look whiter and one can even skip blusher application.

My love of red lips occurred after watching Alias…I remembered one scene which Nadia Santos (aka Mia Maestro) was in.

Mia Maestro as Nadia Santos Alias
Mia Maestro as Nadia Santos in Alias

She struts seductively pass a corridor while applying this gorgeous red lipstick from a black tube. The corridor leads to a kitchen where this guy is waiting for her and he proceeds to call her “baby”. She grabs him and gives him this fabulous kiss and boy oh boy was that scene hot!! The guy dies in the end because there’s poison in her red lipstick…but i have never forgotten that scene of her whipping out that red lipstick in a black tube!

So i have done loads of searching for that perfect red lipstick…but unfortunately…I haven’t found that red lipstick…the one that makes me feel as seductive as Nadia or would make men die at my feet! OK, am willing to do without the men dying part, but seriously, there’s always something missing in the red lipsticks that i have bought so far. None have been able to fulfill the following requirements…

1. Packaging – Require Black Packaging

So far I have found only two lipsticks that have entire black cases. Try: Giorgio Armani, Nars. (Chanel Allure only has a black outer casing.)

2. Colour – Deep /dark red.

I haven’t been able to find a deep red that isn’t too bright or garnish on my fair skin. Most of the deep reds I have been recommended ended up being plummy or wine or a brown base red which in my opinion is not sexy but tends to give me a head school mistress look!

3. Texture – Creamy, sheer, non glittery.
I want something that’s sheer and goes on like a dream…but I haven’t found anything that would glide across my lips easily for application. Something non-glittery would be good as well.

4. No scent or taste.

I have problems with scent and taste because of my sensitivity. I can breakout in hives because of fragrances! There’s very few companies that do not have fragrances on their lip products.

5. Moisturising.

For some strange reason, the red lipsticks I have have tended to dry up my lips…cracking, peeling lips are so not sexy either!

Such easy simple requirements that not one red lipstick has been able to be fulfilled… Has anyone come across a perfect red yet? Suggestions would be lovely and much appreciated!

On the never ending search for the one!



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