Christmas Shopping Beauty Events: Selfridges Exclusive Christmas Beauty Items

Selfridges is having 10% off this weekend for the beauty department. 20% off for the rest of the store. Here’s some really interesting items that I would consider putting on my shopping list.


Dior Backstage Beauty Box
Selfridges Christmas Exclusive Dior Backstage Beauty Box

Dior’s exclusive Backstage Beauty Box, the ultimate make-up vanity kit. A capsule collection of best selling make-up and professional tools to create a catwalk perfect finish. Retailing at £250.

I have heard good things about Dior quints (GBP 50) and I love their skincare as well (I would be posting skincare reviews on Dior products in the future, so do keep a look out for them). I spy a set of brushes and one of their famous diorshow mascaras (GBP 18-19). If a face brush and cheek brush are worth GBP 50 each, i reckon this would be a worth while set to purchase.

Creme de La Mer

La mer
Selfridges Christmas Exclusive La Mer Luxurious Keepsake Box and Vanity Case

The Luxurious Keepsake Box (left of picture)  contains the essential Crème De La Mer moisturising cream. Retailing at £795, exclusively at Selfridges. Comes with metal spatula.

The Vanity Case (right of picture) contains everything from lip balm to Crème De La Mer’s infamous moisturizing cream. Retailing at £7,500, exclusively at Selfridges. If I am not wrong, I spy a Lip Balm, Creme de La mer – GBP90, Eye Concentrate – GBP120. The other 3 bottles should be the Hydrating Infusion, Lifting serum and probably the concentrate??

Apparently the cases are created by Viscount David Linley constructed in sycamore wood and beautifully patterned in ocean shagreen. The advert goes on to say that one of these would create an unforgettable Christmas gift…I totally agree! I mean…look at the prices!! Check out the metal spatula…perhaps its make of silver??

I have no idea about the sycamore wood and beautiful pattern but I am a huge fan of La mer skincare (I will post individual skincare reviews of my La mer products in the future, so do keep a look out for them), but I would rather spend more of the money on the actual items which would help deliver results on my skin rather than having something look nice on my vanity table (hehe…having said that if anyone wants to give me one of these babies…it would off course be rude to reject it right??)

If anyone else is interested in the rest of the Exclusive Christmas Beauty items, please check out Selfridges website.

Happy Shopping!



4 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping Beauty Events: Selfridges Exclusive Christmas Beauty Items

  1. Hi Fuzkittie,

    ermm…like I said, I am technologically challenged!! How did you know I replied to your comments then??

    If you like Japanese makeup, I suggest checking out Rouge Delux. Haru’s blog is devoted to Japanese makeup. I however, find that Japanese palettes are a bit too shimmery for me…i know…unbeliveable right??

    Thanks again for visting and commenting.

    Have a great day!

  2. Hey Nutty,

    I didn’t get email notification on your reply… hehe. Oh well..

    Well, considering I’ve only used the Chanel quad 4 or 5 times.. I can’t really say how I “usually” wear it, hahaha. But what I usually do with any e/s quad is use the darkest as liner, or on outer corner, the lightest as brightener for the inner corner, and the other two middle shades on the majority of the lids..

    I find that Japanese palettes show up so much better on me than Chanel or Dior palettes!

  3. Hi Fuzkittie,

    wait a minute…are you saying for once we -in the UK – have something you gals in the US dont have?? Unbelievable!!! But I think the Chanel Beiges de Chanel and Winter Nights Quad more than make up for that?? That and the cheaper makeup prices!!

    The other option is to use one of the kohl pencils as a base before using the eyeshadows…that might boost the colour a bit.

    I usually use the dark green as a liner, the brown on the outer v and the pale cream in the inner corner. I didnt quite like using the yellow as a base so it gets placed right in the middle of the lid…how do you usually wear yours??

    Will check out that ebay seller. Thanks for the link!

    Have a great day!

  4. Wow! Look at that Dior set!! I don’t think they have that nor the La Mer set here in the US… or at least not for now anyway… :[

    Thanks for the tips on the Chanel e/s! I will try it next time wet~ But for sure the magazine upped the brightness of the colors, haha. Otherwise it’s just super unfair how the colors show up on the Asian model so nicely, but not so nicely on me?!! xD

    I got the Lady First magazine on Ebay! Same seller where I got the L’egere BB cream.

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