Beauty Review: Chanel Les Tissages de Chanel Blush Duo Tweed Effect.

When I first heard of new Chanel blushers, I went into overdrive and spent days searching for information on this blush on the web. I first came across pictures of the blushers on  Bellezapura webpage and waited most impatiently (ok…i confess…i stalked the chanel counters) for these to appear in UK. I must said the wait has been really worth while and although my favourite chanel SA gush to me how much the blush look like a chanel tweed jacket…I must admit…it doesnt look like a chanel jacket at all…I still want one in the near future…dreaming is great isnt it?? In the meantime, I will continue to moon over the Chanel Les Tissages de Chanel Blushers…

Chanel Les Tissages de Chanel. Photo from
Chanel Les Tissages de Chanel. Photo from

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION (from Neiman Marcus)

Inspired by the iconic CHANEL tweed fabric, two contrasting shades of sheer cheek colour are delicately ‘woven’ with a subtle shimmering powder for a luminous natural glow.

My Review:



Chanel Les Tissages de Chanel. Photo from
Chanel Les Tissages de Chanel. Photo from

Available in 4 shades

– Tweed Pink – pale pink laced with silvery shimmers and sliver glitter

– Tweed Rose – rose shade with goldish shimmers and silver glitter

– Tweed Coral – peach with tinge of red with shimmers and i think gold glitter

– Tweed Amber – reddish brown with shimmer.


Classic chanel black case with pouch. Same size as a Jous Contrast (JC) blush casing. The brush provided is bigger than the JC brush. The brush is usable for say short travels but its kinda prickly. Brush has not shed or bled when washed.


Texturewise – no nasty scraping needed to get the product like the JC (although it could be its new). Feels really  fine, soft and powdery. According to the sa, those silvery/goldish bits(shimmer) run all the way down the blush, so its not some overlay that disappears after some use. Easy application on cheeks.

Coverage – not as sheer as some of my JC (only need to load my brush once anything more than twice looks overdone)

Scent – no rose smell at all.

Lasting Power – its super duper long lasting – better than my JC!! colour doesn’t fade (in fact it looks deeper/darker than what i had in the morning if that’s possible).

Comparison – Was comparing this with some of the JC cos i didnt want to double up…but quite seriously, when swatching these on the hand, there’s just something different colourwise – kinda like an added dimension to the shades BUT i am not too sure if the difference is really noticeable when applied on the cheeks.

Note: These blushes are not limited edition and will replace the Irelle Blushers.


Aside from the price (which i hate), it has micro glitters in it (although the amount of glitter is sparse)… people with conservative work place codes might have problems with this. I have had some issues with glitter in products (a friend once exclaimed out loud in class “OMG! You have got glitter on you!” – I didnt it was anna sui loose powder) so anything with glitter gets booted to the night/party use  which is a shame because something as beautiful as this shade should be deserved to be used 24/7!!

If you dont mind glitters, this blush would be great! It would make guys check you out!! Seriously!! I wore it for 5 days straight and had guys checking me out every one of those days (and nope! I didnt have lipstick on my teeth or cheeks!)


Want guys checking you out?? Buy this blush! Enough said!!

Hope this helps.


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2 thoughts on “Beauty Review: Chanel Les Tissages de Chanel Blush Duo Tweed Effect.

  1. This blush is soooo pretty! I love the texture look, haha.. I did think of the tweed suiting when I saw this blush~

    LOL @ guys checking you out.. 5 days straight? Wow you are a magnet! Or is it really the Chanel blush?

    1. Hi Fuz

      Yes this blush is indeed pretty!!

      Me a chick magnet?? Nah…I checked that my jeans were zipped up…there was no lipstick on my chin or cheeks…my boobs were all safely hidden under all the wool layers…there’s no question about it…it has to be the chanel blush!!

      It has to be the blush…if not I cant justify spending that amount on another one of them!!

      btw, i checked the link for the bible…but its not longer available…sighhh….

      Thanks for visiting!

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