2009 Spring: Dior and Chanel Collection Review

Hmmm…I was not supposed to be surfing the net…especially since I am rushing to finish my work load before Christmas…its crap having to work your ass off during the holidays especially when everyone partying!!!

I totally understand that “its the season for giving” but i really wish that “the giving” would be limited to loads of pressies, exquisite handbags, shoes, fine champagne and chocolates…not extra work load!!

So here I am taking a short break…unfortunately the short break has morphed into an hour break and most unfortunately for my stomach and wallets since I stumbled across things I should not have!!! Barely last month, I had a post titled Holiday Collections 2008 where I mentioned the end of year Christmas collections and the fact that information about the 2009 Spring collections have already made its way onto my favourite bloggers posts…today…I stumbled upon detail photos of the Chanel and Dior Spring 2009 collections on PJ’s website!!

Ever heard of the expression “Dead Meat”?? well…after seeing those pictures…I am ‘deader’ than “dead meat”!!! Seriously…I have barely survived the Christmas Holiday…and now…it looks like its gonna be another month of bread and water  (hence, the unfortunate remark on my stomach!).

Right…so whats worth looking at the Dior and Chanel 2009?? Simply put ALL OF THEM!!! ok…ok…curbing myself…here goes…

Dior Spring 2009

Lady Dior Palette

Its a palette containing a highlighter and lip/cheek colour…in the design of Dior’s iconic Lady Dior bag. In case you havent heard…the bag’s named Lady Dior in honour of Lady Diana Spencer ever since she carried one. So since I cant afford one of those bags…one of these palettes will have my name on it…plus…just think of the amount of uses you get out of this palette?? Its a highlighter, its a lip colour, its a cheek colour and because of the nice size mirror you get, it doubles nicely as a mirror for lipstick touch ups!!! So its actually a smart move to purchase one of these!

However, the tiny voice of reason (its really soft at the moment) is whispering about how unsightly the palette would look once it has been touched…not to mention if one item gets used up…there is going to be a really unsightly empty gap in the palette!

Eyeshadow Quints

I was moaning previously about how crappy life  was when the Beiges de Chanel  quad was limited to USA only…well…God has heard my prayers!! Check out that beige looking quint that Dior is introducing for spring!!! And I think the second quint featured in PJ’s post looks absolutely gorgeous with that taupe!! Gorgeous  perfectly coordinated neutrals that would work for all occasions…is there a reason not to buy them??

Chanel Spring 2009

I have a soft spot for chanel…*gazes adoringly at chanel cases* so needless to say after looking at the pictures PJ posted … my brain only has one message… ” I WANT! I WANT!! I WANT WANT WANT!!!”


Once again…Chanel has redeemed themselves…not having Beiges de Chanel on our side of the channel has been redeemed with this quad…I image a gorgeous smokey taupey look can be conjured with this palette…since I love taupes and smokey eyes…me want this!! Am praying desperatedly that there wont be issues with their pigmentation this round!

I love their eyeshadow singles as well…perhaps that neutral single would suit me better than lotus which I find a bit too yellow for my liking…

Jouse Contraste

Chanel blushers are a no-brainer for me…especially a new Jouse Contraste!!! BUY!!


I dont fancy chanel lipsticks…but I might be tempted with all those gorgeous red and plum shades!!


Buy everything??? At this moment…the brain is saying yes…but for the sake of my wallet and stomach am hoping thats because of the lack of sleep. I am sure when I see them in real life…I might change my mind again…I will update  my thoughts again when I get a chance to play with the babies…

Happy drooling at the pictures!!



2 thoughts on “2009 Spring: Dior and Chanel Collection Review

    1. Hi Fuz

      Yes! those Dior palettes look very cute!! Dior has produced many fascinating LE charms previously but I have managed to resist! Not too sure about this time!

      Thanks again for visiting and posting!

      Have a great weekend!

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