Beauty Review: Too Faced Borderline – Anti Feathering Lip Pencil in Clear

Too Faced Borderline Lip Pencil.Picture from Sephora
Too Faced Borderline Lip Pencil.Picture from Sephora

Product Description from Too Faced:

A one-color-fits-all anti-feathering pencil that will revolutionize the way you wear lip product.

What it does:
Keep your lipstick and lip gloss from traveling beyond your lip’s borders with Borderline, a matte, colorless lip pencil designed to fill in and plump up vertical lip lines while it locks down your favorite lip products. Apply to the area just outside the natural lip line to forego feathering and to pamper your pucker with skin soothing, moisturizing, and firming ingredients. Our one-color-fits-all wonder pencil will revolutionize the way you wear lip gloss. No more sloppy fading creeping color.

How to wear:

  • Smoothly sketch or draw Borderline on or around lip area.
  • Create a natural lip shape by staying slightly inside the lip.
  • To plump up lip shape apply around your lip area slightly outside your natural lip line.
  • Fill lips in entirely for super control.

  • My Review:

    PRICE: GBP 11 or 14 (cant quite recall)

    PACKAGING: Comes in a box containing the lip pencil and a sharpener. The sharpener has the words “Too Faced” inscribed on it – soo cute!

    SHADES: One shade – clear.


    Texture-wise: Creamy pencil that goes on easily, no tugging of lips. Easy to shade the lips as well.

    Moisturising: Would say there are moisturising properties.

    Scent/taste: No smell or taste.


    I am not too sure about the firming claim but I can definitely say that this helps moisturise lips. With other lip liners, I always end up with badly chapped lips regardless of the type and brand of lipsticks or lipglosses. With this product, I can safely say that I have not experienced any chapped lips.

    The best thing about this product is the lack of shade from the liner. I can use this with all my lip products and not worry about the colour changes when I pair my lipsticks/glosses with a coloured lip liner.Your lipstick/gloss shade is what you see from the tube when paired with this liner. This  helps save $$$ especially given our current economy! Imagine all the $$$ you can save from having to purchase matching lipliners…now you only need one lip liner.

    Another aspect of saving $$$, you actually get much more wear out of your lipstick/glosses… I am telling you…with this on…I dont need to touch up my lipstick!!! (dammit!! cos that means my lipsticks will take longer to use them up = no buying in the near future of new lippies!) 😀 Have not experienced the pesky feathering or bleeding…your lipstick/gloss stays where you put them now…and really stays on…long!


    Highly recommended for a one shade fits all requirement.  Helps save $$$ too.

    Hope this helps!


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