I totally forgot to explain why I was posting about bags (please see – My Other Obsession – Clutch bags) and hair accessories (please see – My Other Obsession – Feathers) lately…

You see…I have an event to attend in January…a Conservative Black Tie event…I thought I had a dress ready so all I needed was a gorgeous purse, great low heels and maybe something fancy for the hair…or nice jewellery…but as luck would have it…or rather all hell broke loose describes it much better when i couldnt find my favourite LBD…my LBD probably went the same way my favourite black lady- like wool coat went when they were sent to the dry cleaners…they all disappeared into thin air !

So that means I have to shop for a dress as well…I hate shopping for clothes!! Its either difficult to find the perfect one, or none of the sizes fit or the price is not suitable (i.e costs an arm and leg)…thats why i rather shop for makeup – there’s only one size!! all you need to do is decide if you like the colour!!

Right…I really should get back to sleeping…

Take care everyone!



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