2009 Spring: Chanel Bohemian Fantasy Collection Review

This is an update from my previous post Spring Review: Dior and Chanel 2009 after I had the chance to see the collection in real life.


On the whole, this collection is great! I love neutrals…which this collection has…and red lippies…which this collection has too! You really cant go wrong with neutral shades and red lippies from Chanel!

However… there were some disappointing items…

Top Row: Django & Poudre Universelle Compacte Beige

Bottom Row: Fandango #57 & Vendetta


Django is a pale peach pink with shimmer. Sounds great… looks great in the bottle. Unfortunatedly its rather opaque and thus turns a milky off white on my fingers…anything that is opaque + milky = corpse fingers on me. But for others who look good in opaque milky shades, this is a nice shimmery neutral.

Vendetta is a dark purple with shimmer. Unfortunatedly…on my fingers, its black with a hint of purple. I wish this would be a dark shimmery purple. Please see All Lacquered Ups’ post on Chanel Spring 2009 – Vendetta and Django where she did a comparison of other dark shimmery purples.

Joues Contrast Blush

Fandango is a shimmery peachy (almost orangey on me)  shade. This would probably work for tanned ladies…but on me – fair skin with red undertones, the sa suggested using it for contouring instead. I passed on this…cos it looked orangey on my skintone.

Pressed Powder

Ok…this I do not get. Why make a pressed powder limited edition??

The Eyes and Lip products were much better in my opinion.  Reviews coming up…do stay tuned!

Hope this helps!



2 thoughts on “2009 Spring: Chanel Bohemian Fantasy Collection Review

  1. I always get tempted by blushes in collections, haha. Fandango looks nice~ But I think I’m over Chanel~ Too into Japanese stuff now, hahaha.

    1. Hi Fuz

      Thanks for visiting!!

      Well…Japanese makeup are gorgeous too…but for some reason, ever since my experience with Chanel Les Tissages de Chanel Blushers (meaning all the attention!) I havent really been interested in other blushers…am concentrating on collecting them…all of them!

      Btw, please do continue posting you Looks! Am eagerly waiting for the Gong Li Look! I think its great that you help with replicating Asian Looks – we dont get this much!

      Happy Chinese New Year!!

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