2009 Spring…What happened to the pinks?

Continuing with my review on the Spring 2009  collections from the Japanese brands…the collections that are not pink!

First, we have Laneige Spring 2009 – Art Play collection with pinks and lilac and pale green with peach.

Lanegie Spring 2009 Art Play Look
Laneige Spring 2009 "Art Play"

If anyone has read my previous posts  (please see Wishing for a White Christmas and Dreaming of a White Christmas) you would know that  i like snowflakes! Laneige Spring 2009 -“Art Play” Collection has snow flake designs on their compact!! too cute but perhaps a little out of place for Spring/Summer??

Lanegie Art Play Spring 2009
Laneige Spring 2009 "Art Play"

Next, we have Shu Uemura with the Mirage Collection…

Shu Uemura Spring 2009 Mirage
Shu Uemura Spring 2009 Mirage

A lovely collection of pale pastels in pinks, lilac, greens and blue…

Shu Uemura Mirage Collection
Shu Uemura Mirage Collection

RMK’s Spring visual look  just wants to make me float…

RMK Spring Summer 2009 Collection Translucent
RMK Spring Summer 2009 Collection "Translucence"

Next, I present Sofina Aube Couture Spring 2009…Aube  has really really great eyeshadow palettes…for Spring, there is the introduction of Aube Couture which features eyeshadow palettes that are shaped like your eye so you know where to  place your eyeshadow! The shades available range from blues to neutrals…

Aube Couture Spring 2009
Aube Couture Spring 2009

So where’s the pink? Well…ta-da…look no further than this eye popping pink blush from Aube Couture!

Sofina Aube Couture
Sofina Aube Couture

This is followed by Kanebo Coffret d’Or Spring 2009 with a very polished but sweet look…

Kanebo Coffret DOr Spring 2009
Kanebo Coffret D'Or Spring 2009

Achieved by drool inspiring eyeshadow palettes!!

Kanebo Coffret dOr Shine Drape Eyes
Kanebo Coffret d'Or Shine Drape Eyes

Next, we have the pale pinks and lilacs team!

Beaute de Kose Esperique Spring 2009
Beaute de Kose 2009 "ESPRIQUE PRECIOUS"
Beaute de Kose Spring 2009 Sweet Beauty Rose
Beaute de Kose Spring 2009 Sweet Dream Bouquet

And my all time favourite…Kanebo Lunasol Spring 2009 – “Bloom”…this is the visual advert that made my heart stop and go “I want to look like that” (followed by a depressing crap …that’s not ever gonna happen!)

Kanebo Lunasol Spring 2009
Kanebo Lunasol Spring 2009 - "Bloom"

There’ are four gorgeous colour combination of eyeshadow palettes in pink,green, purple, a coral/green and a plum…Kanebo Lunasol makes me want to purchase every shadow palette its available (thank god these are not limited edition! I can slowly starve myself on bread and water to purchase them rather then eating biscuits!) …I have a special place in my heart for the purple…especially after seeing Betsy’s post – Lunasol Layer Bloom Eyes #03 Purple Graduation.

In conclusion (haha…couldn’t resist adding that in! gosh i sound so geeky),  there does not seem to be a pink themed only collection for the Japanese brands…I would say its a mix of pale pastels or a pink and lilac theme…best of all are all introduction of the newly formulated eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks!!! I would say that it would be a great idea to check out these brands if you can get your hands on them!

Has anyone gotten their spring shopping list sorted out yet? Or you already are playing with your new babies?? Please do share!

Happy drooling!!


Images from http://www.iswii.net

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2 thoughts on “2009 Spring…What happened to the pinks?

  1. LOL, I love “in conclusion”! 😀 Love sounding all pro~
    Nice overview~ Lunasol’s ad isn’t the most appealing but their palettes are just to die for.

    1. heya

      😀 am glad you like this post!! am starting to return to my japanese goodies after seeing all those pics!!

      thanks for dropping by again!

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