2009 Spring: Chanel Bohemian Fantasy Collection Review – Eyes

Continuation of  the Chanel Spring 2009 Bohemian Fantasy Review…


Top Row – Left to Right: Liberty and Delta

Bottom Row – Left to Right: Mystic Eyes and Magic Night

Mystic Eyes Quad – This oh my…oh my god…makes up for the disappointment for the other stuff…This is a neutrals palette. If you like the natural, chic and sophisticated look…or a smokey eye look…you really need to get your hands on this palette. Its a discrete shimmery palette of palest pink, a brown with bronzy tones, a dark brown and a shimmery grey taupe…thank god it isnt limited edition!

Delta #90 –  is a very pale gold with discrete shimmer. Depending on your skintone, this might not turn up on you at all. On my skintone, the gold blends right into my skin…so all I get is very discrete shimmer on my lids. I am all for a discrete look, so am actually quite please with this.

Magic Night – looks plummy in the pictures. Looks can be deceiving…its not a plummy shade when i swatched it on my hands. It just looked a slightly darker brown shade than the darkest brown in the Mystic Eyes quad.

Liberty – is well…depending on whether you are a makeup junkie or makeup virgin…this could be a  miss or hit.  Liberty is a pale shimmery cream.  Its similar to lotus but  is slightly darker and shimmery. Lotus is matte to me. If you dont have such shades, this would be good to get.

Brune – Cuivre – (not pictured) is well…a brown eyeliner. It looks similar to Berry eyeliner I bought last year. So I passed on this.

Hope this helps!



2 thoughts on “2009 Spring: Chanel Bohemian Fantasy Collection Review – Eyes

  1. I found the liquid shadow from Chanel very hard to blend.. what did you think? The neutrals palette looks really nice! :]

    1. Hi Fuz

      Nah…i love their liquid shadows!! I have 4 of them (I am a chanel addict actually)!!
      I find u have to use only a tiny little bit and blend quickly since it dries really fast.

      The neutrals palette is actually really gorgeous!! I think its a worthwhile investment!

      Thanks for leaving a comment!

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