Beauty Review: Lancôme Magic Voyage Palette

Lancôme’s new ‘Magic Voyage’ palette.
Lancôme ‘Magic Voyage’ palette aka Palette de Maquillage

Pray tell …What might this be?

Lancome “Magic Voyage” Palette contains

5 Ombre Absolute Powder Eyeshadows: Net wt. 5 x 0.025 OZ (5 x 0.7g)

  • A05
  • F60
  • G01
  • D01
  • F70

1 Colour Design Powder Eyeshadow: Net wt.  0.025 OZ (0.7g)

  • 501

3 Colour Fever Shine Solid Lipsticks: Net wt. 3x 0.035 OZ (3 x 1g)

  • 106
  • 208
  • 324

2 Applicators

  • Double sided sponge applicator – One end is the usual flat fat sponge, the other end is a tapered flat sponge (for eyeliner usage)
  • A brush!! Image this!! (For lipstick application)

Need I get thee ass to the nearest counter for this?

Shade Descriptions:

I have no idea which shade numerical corresponds to which colour description, so the shade descriptions will go according to the picture above.

– Eyeshadows

Top Row Left to Right -Fine Shimmery taupe, matte cream, shimmery silver (this shimmer is less fine then the other shimmer eyeshadows)

Bottom Row Left to Right – Fine Shimmery Chocolate Brown, Matte pale pink, Matte Black

– Lip colour

Left to Right – Suppose to be a Nude shade but on my fair skin its a Toffee shade (almost a brown, good thing my lips are fairly pinky so it doesnt turn out brown…might be a slight problem with ladies who have lips which arent that pink), Sheer Pink Shimmer, Sheer Red Shimmer


The packaging is quite simply…to die for!!! A small compact (fits within my palm) palette containing eyeshadows, lipsticks and applicators packed in a black velvet pouch. The casing is black with a discrete gold rose at the bottom right corner of the palette. Although its quite light, the compact is fairly sturdy (Already dropped it once – am quite the klutz with tiny items!). Compact did not shatter when i accidentally dropped it and it went flying across the toilet…

The top lid flips open to reveal the eyeshadows and applicators. There is a plastic sleeve protecting the eyeshadows. The bottom drawer containing the lipsticks actually slides out of the compact!! (How cool is that?? Although I must admit it took me ages to figure out how to open it!).  I usually do not like palettes because the powder in the eyeshadows tend to migrate into the lipsticks which just make them yucky…so I give top marks for the design!

The Applicators

well…am actually pleasantly surprised with the tapered flat sponge – its perfect for lining the eyes with the darkest shade and I actually can use it for eyeshadow application to the crease! The lip brush is a dream! Its firm brush bristles help pick up the lipstick beautifully…I washed it twice already (simply because I am a klutz with tiny items and it ended up falling out of the palette – twice!) and there was (surprisingly) no shedding of brush bristles or any colour dye running!!

The Lipsticks

Am not too sure where to start with this…the 3 shades would suit numerous occasions and looks that you want to achieve. There’s the nude lippie for a dark smokey eye, a everyday / every occasion lipstick in rose/pink and a red lipstick for kick ass events! But…these lippies have a slight shine (micro-glitter) in them (noticed this in the red and pink lippie) so for people working in environments which have a conservative dress code might have problems with this…

Texture of lipsticks is lightweight and  pigmentation is sheer with shine! Makes my lips look all juicy!! Surprisingly lasts fairly well and is fairly moisturising.

The Eyeshadows

Absolutely amazing!

You get a nice mix of wearable shades that can create many looks. There’s a gorgeous black shade for lining eyes and also doubles as a great black smokey eye (with the silver eyeshadow). The light pink and pale off-white works great as a base and highlighter. The taupe and chocolate shade is great for contouring in the crease. I have paired the taupe and chocolate separately with the pink and white (thats 4 looks), and the taupe and chocolate together as a smokey grey/brown look (5th look).  The silver with the black for a nice smokey look (6th look) and the sliver with the taupe for a lighter smokey eye (7th look).

The only problem I foresee is the lighter shades running out before there’s even a dent in the darker shades. Also some might consider the pigmentation to be quite sheer and hence poor – but i much prefer sheer shades where I can slowly build up application.

Alash… poor souls…my profuse apologies for tempting tee…

Price – Might i just add its very reasonably priced?? I paid SGD64 (there was supposed to be a 10% discount for the month of January but they didnt give me that discount! damn them!!) for a palette containing 6 eyeshadows and 3 lip colours…

Availability – well…ghee…thats the difficult part (and hence the apologises) I bought this on the plane during my long haul flight. It was during Singapore Airlines’ Inflight Sales. This item is stated as a “Travel Exclusive” so I am not too sure if its available at the duty free shops at departure louges or only available specifically to Singapore Airlines. I do know its not available at the Lancome counters in UK (because the lovely SA had a really blank face when I asked about the palette – or it could be that I didnt pronounce the name with the correct French accent??). But fret not my dear readers…if you click on the link below, you should be able to see the palette in its full glory and order it online!!

A Word from the Angel of Sensibility…

Do you truly need this palette??

  • Well…ermmm…NO…because if you are reading this blog, I gathered you are as nutty about makeup as I am so I am sure you should have those shades mentioned already …some where in your makeup stash.
  • There is a serious danger or running out of the lighter shades and lipsticks…Look at their tiny size!
  • And this palette is seriously missing a blush shade!

The Last Word from the Devil of Temptation

Yes!! BUY because

  • If you are just starting to dabble in makeup, this palette contains a nice mix of wearable shades.
  • If you have not tried Lancome makeup but want to now…this is a pretty good palette to try their items!
  • More importantly, you would sooooooooooo need this if you travel frequently and cannot be bothered to carry your whole makeup stash…It is very handy as this tiny little compact would create sufficient looks for a week! Your baggage will be lighter (and  free up baggage space for more shopping!)

Hope this helps!


Image from krishop Online

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    1. Hi Fuz

      Thanks! A little late but Happy Vday too!!

      Yes, i think its only available in travel retails – but i think u should have a look for/at it since u travel alot…and it has mainly neutral shades – this just might be my entry for your blog contest!!


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