Beauty Review: Kanebo Mascara 38°C Silk Performance

This mascara is produced by Kanebo Cosmetics Inc and made in Japan. There are two versions of this mascara

  1. Kanebo Mascara 38 °C Silk Performance
  2. Kanebo Mascara 38 °C Silk Performance (Separating and Lengthening)
Kanebo Mascara 39 Degree Silk Performance
Kanebo Mascara 38 °C Silk Performance

My Review:

PRICE: £15

PACKAGING: White tube with black cap

BRUSH: Conical shape brush with bristles place far apart.


FORMULAE: A light formulae that resists sweat, tears and humidity. Formulae supposedly conditions lashes as well. Best of all, the mascara washing off only with water at or higher 38°C. Gently rub the lashes with the warm water and the mascara comes off in tubes.

EFFECT: Gives a really natural defined separated look on my non-existent wimpy permanent pointed downwards stumpy short lashes. However, does not produce any thickening effects nor does it really curl or hold a curl. I get a slight lift at the tips of my lashes.

Kanebo Mascara 38 Degree Silk Performance (Separating and Lengthening):

PRICE: More expensive £19++

PACKAGING: exactly the same. the only way to differentiate both is to look at the name tag.

BRUSH: The Separating and Lengthening version has a more densely packed brush.


FORMULAE: The Separating and Lengthening version contains fibres (loads of them). Other than that it has the same light formulae that resists sweats, tears and humidity. It only washes off with water that is at or higher than 38°C.

EFFECT: Same as the non separating and lengthening one except it lengthens lashes.


I highly recommend this mascara if you have trouble finding a mascara that does not smudge. I have loads of trouble finding mascaras that do not smudge on me! Even waterproof mascara smudges on me! The best part is the removal of the mascara! Real easy – just hot water which really saves time,money and you have one less item to carry when travelling!

Additional Information: This item is exclusive to Harrods in UK. I found this in a German airport as well. The interesting thing is I could not get this when I visited Asia. Apparently this belong to the Testimo range which has been discontinued. It is now reproduced as Lunasol (another range of Kanebo) called High Stylized Mascara.

Hope this helps!


POST UPDATED ( January 23 2010) : In Harrods, this has been replaced by ‘The Original’ 38° Mascara under the Sensai brand (its a sub-brand of Kanebo). In Asia, interesting another SA told me its now replaced as Coffret D’or 38° Beauty Effect Mascara and not the Lunasol High Stylized Mascara.

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2 thoughts on “Beauty Review: Kanebo Mascara 38°C Silk Performance

    1. Hi Fuz

      Am seriously not too sure if this is available in USA given that the Singapore SA told me its from the discontinued range…but am testing out other similar kinds of mascara…so stay tune for them! Maybe I should recommend this instead for your blog contest??

      Thanks for dropping by!

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