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I read in the March 2009 Vogue issue that Dolce & Gabbana is going to launch a makeup line and Scarlett is the face of their makeup line. Makeup artist Path McGrath has helped create the looks for the campaign – which is very much a classic sex bomb Marilyn Monroe Look! Kelly Gilbert (author of article) is of the view that the range of makeup is meant for an enduring appeal rather than trendy shades that change with the seasons.

Packaging of products will be decadent like Guerlain and YSL…heavy gold cases with velvet pouches.  Prices: Lipsticks – £20, Eyeshadow quad – £35, Bronzer – £27, Eye Kohl – £16. Items available in Selfridges (UK) March 15th 2009.

For our ladies in USA its available at Saks’ Beverly Hills and Fifth Avenue stores according to Bellasugar. You might want to take a look at that post for a photo of the products.

According to Stefano the focus will be on the lips…the ultimate symbol of seduction! So special attention were paid to the  formulations and colours. The lipsticks will be scented with rose, Gabbana explained. “We wanted to create makeup with a scent. Domenico and I remember when we were children and opened our mother’s handbags — the scent of her lipstick trailed out. I observed that when women open makeup, they smell it first.” Apparently Scarlett loves the lipstick – she raves about the creamy texture of the lipstick and its moisturising qualities.  She’s wearing Shade – Devil – a classic cherry red shade.

Nutty’s Thoughts:

Now…I am all for the idea of a sex bomb Marilyn Monroe look…I mean who doesn’t want to look like sex on heels??? So in case anyone is looking for me…I will be at the counters on March 15th…especially with a red lipstick that makes me look likeScarlett …oh yeah…I need to get my hands on that one!!! (I meant the lipstick not Scarlett…although it sure would be great to know her tips for that figure!)

But seriously…Dolce & Gabbana to me is always about sex appeal and tanned bodies…so I do believe their bronzers might be something to look into as well? I so love the idea of gold packaging with their own velvet pouches too!!

What are your thoughts??

Happy drooling!


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POST UPDATED: April 1st 2009

There was no Dolce and Gabbana counter when I visited Selfridges on April 1st 2009. A quick check with the information desk and i was informed that “there is a distribution problem”. So although the collection should have been in Selfridges in mid March, they now have no idea when its arriving…I will post further updates when/if  they call me…

POST UPDATED: April 14th 2009

There are a few May issue magazines that are all talking about Scarlett and her favourites items from the D&G line. According to Marie Claire this will be available in Selfriges on April 19th(finally!)…perhaps the distribution woes are over?? Please see  article – Waiting List for D&G Makeup . I wont be at the counters on April 19th…I think I will wait alittle longer…no sense rushing down and finding nothing again…but if you do find it available at Selfridges on the 19th…please let me know!

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4 thoughts on “News: Dolce & Gabbana Makeup

  1. Hi nutty,

    The D&G counter is now open, although I’m not sure if any items were available for sale as I saw people writing down stuff. The colours on the eyeshadow quads looked really prettybut sadly didn’t have time to try anything….

    Hope you get to check it out soon!

    1. Hi Apotheosising

      Thanks so much for the update!
      Am guessing they are arranging stuff and getting ready for the big day on April 19th…are you getting anything?? Do post and tell if you do!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

    1. Dear Fuz

      Yes i agree…anything to look like Scarlett is cool…make that beyond cool if there is such a thing! let me know what catches you eye when you view the products!

      Have a great weekend!

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