Laura Mercier First Blush Face Palette Review

Laura Mercier First Blush Palette. Image from Sephora
Laura Mercier First Blush Palette. Image from Sephora

From Laura Mercier Website:

“Laura Mercier’s new limited edition First Blush Face Palette conveniently offers everything you need to create a soft, romantic look. The palette includes:

  • Two gorgeous cheek colours to give cheeks a flushed glow in Blushing Peach or Blushing Pink
  • Create natural, yet perfectly feminine lips with Flushed, Natural, or Naked Lip Glaze
  • Give eyes a neutral and pretty look using Granite, Tawny Apricot, and Buff Eye Colours
  • Limited edition
  • Eye Colours: 0.05 oz./1.6g each; Cheek Colours: 0.11 oz./3.3g each; Lip Glaze: 0.03 oz./1.0g each”

Need I get thee ass to the nearest counter for this?

Shade Descriptions:

The picture from Sephora is pretty accurate.

– Eyeshadows

Left Row Top to Bottom – Matte cream, shimmery pink with perhaps a tinge of mauve, matte dark grey (its not really black to me)

– Blushes

Middle Row Top to Bottom – Shimmery peachy pink, Shimmery pink. (there’s shimmer…if you read my post on Beauty Review: Chanel Les Tissages de Chanel Blush Duo Tweed Effect you would know I am very, very  bothered with shimmer/glitter. So there’s shimmer but its only noticeable if u peer really close at your face in the mirror.)

– Lip colour

Last Row Top to Bottom – A sheer milky chocolate brown, a beigy nude shade and a pinkish (MYLBB) shade


Pale pink plastic casing with the words Laura Mercier in Black across the middle lid. Huge mirror. There is a plastic sleeve protecting the mirror from the products. No applicators.

The Lipglosses

Nice sheer lightweight texture. Applies easily on my lips. Not very pigmented. Unfortunately it is drying on my lips. Colours provide a good mix of looks. I would consider this more of a lipgloss than a lipstick.

The Eyeshadows

Creamy (and I do mean creamy) fine eyeshadow. Lasts fairly well.  Pigmented as well. The eyeshadows would work well for a range of skintones I think and is absolutely perfect for a conservative/work environment or a everyday/casual look or for that first date or even for a bride on her wedding day! With this palette,  I get a very soft, natural, neutral bright eye look with this…I had only 4 hours of sleep last night and when  I use this palette, I had comments on how great i look…It is also possible to create a smokey eye look with this if you use the dark grey shade. No creasing (although I did use this with Too Faced Shadow Insurance) noticed.

Alash… poor souls…my profuse apologies for tempting tee…

Price – 40 pounds

Availability – Laura Mercier counters

A Word from the Angel of Sensibility…

Do you truly need this palette??

  • Well…ermmm…NO…because if you are reading this blog, I gathered you are as nutty about makeup as I am so I am sure you should have those shades mentioned already some where in your makeup stash…
  • The shades in the palette are not unusal or something to wow about…its more of the look that it creates – a very fresh face look.
  • The lip shades are lipglosses, not lipsticks.
  • The lip products are drying for the lips.

The Last Word from the Devil of Temptation

Yes!! BUY because

  • The combination works really well together.
  • You can get a very soft natural neutral/ fresh face look that is appropriate for a variety of looks/events.

Hope this helps!


2 thoughts on “Laura Mercier First Blush Face Palette Review

    1. Hi Fuz

      yes the blushes are gorgeous! unfortunatedly they dont sell them individually!

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!

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