Favourite 2009 Oscars Hair and Makeup

This post is probably a bit late but it took me some time to find the photos… Presenting my favourite 2009 Oscars Hair and Makeup…

Anne Hathway

I have always admired Anne – actually thought she was British because of her gorgeous creamy (English – Rose) complexion.  Pantene stylist Danilo prepared the hair with an intensive conditioning treatment, before applying heat protection spray and a body-building mousse to add volume at the roots. After tonging sections of Hathaway’s mane, he swept it from a deep side parting into a loose, knotted chignon. Her hairdo was supposedly held up with a vintage Cartier brooch but I cant find photos of it. Use a soft petal-pink blush and raspberry-pink lips to create her Oscars look.

Jennifer Aniston Jennifer is the ultimate LA gal! Always giving off a healthy radiant image! Her sun-kissed blonde highlights, loose tumbling waves and boho face-framing plait fits her perfectly!

For her makeup – Levin prepped Aniston’s skin with a rich moisturiser before blending tan bronzer, sunkissed highlighter and a dab of a red lipstick around her cheeks for a radiant, natural look.

Ryoko Hirosue

Actress from the film “Departures”. I love her look – so soft and sweet and radiant!!  Softly defined eyes with glowy cheeks and soft pink lips…LOVE!! not too mention her jewellery is absolutely gorgeous!!

Kate Bothsworth Another lady who always gives off a radiant look…Kate always prefers a dewy, glossy complexion, with a subtle terracotta flush, a nude lip balm and a defining slick of eyeliner above her top lashes. At the Vanity Fair Oscars bash, she opted for a fashion-forward constructed updo with a pretty twist at the top. Am guessing the tight up-do accentuates her cheek bones wonderfully!

Kate Winslet Kate was all Hollywood glamour  with a coiffed, slicked-back Forties ‘do, which was set and tucked under at the back.  Frédéric Fekkai’s Renato Campora, went for a, “modern day Grace Kelly [style] that compliments her total look and silhouette.” Working towards a “wavy texture” and “dynamic shape”, Campora used Fekkai’s Styling Whip on wet hair, before blow drying with a large round brush for a volumous, yet smooth, finish. Curling irons were used at the ends of the hair before the style was left to set for 20 minutes, and finished with a quick spritz of hair spray. Her make-up also followed the perfectly-done route. Flawless skin, neutral eyes (try a shimmery gold shadow) and a soft-brown flickered eyeliner with soft pink lips and hardly any blush.

Jessica Biel

Frédéric Fekkai’s Adir Abergel wanted to create “very romantic almost Victorian look,”  although I felt it was more sexy and feminine that the Victorians would be used too. Using Fekkai’s Texturising Spray Gel and All Day Hair Plump, Abergel lifted Biel’s hair at the roots when wet, before hand drying to get a naturally textured finish. Then curling random pieces with a curling iron, Abergel swept and pinned half of the hair back, before completing the style with two tiny braids starting at the temples and working to the back of the head.

I love her subtle eyes with plum lips – gorgeous!!

Angelina Jolie

Angelina with her signature  sultry look – a dewy complexion with eyes lined in black eyeliner ending in a flick at the outer corner and nude glossy lips.

Her sultry look was emphasised with sexy curls – Volume at the front achieved by a bit of backcombing  while tumbling curls were prettily pinned up at the back.

Freida Pinto

Slumdog Millionaire star  had her hair divided  into three parts and twisted into a coiled flower shape. Her make-up was soft, subtle and radiant.

Nicole Kidman

Levin created the timeless pure glamour effect with the help of a flawless, carefully prepared base, layered underneath smoky shades from Chanel’s Reflets d’Ombre eye shadow palette, lashings of mascara and a slick of deep wine coloured gloss on the lips. This look is very suitable for Nicole – seems to emphasis her “Damsel in Distress” look really well! Sighh…I have that palettte but I do not get that “save me…i need help” effect with it!

Kate Beckinsale

Kate  had sultry, smoky eyes and perfectly pink, plump lips. An updo, with big funky twists adding high-drama, in contrast to the smooth, sleek front created a smouldering hot look. Gorgeous!!

Vanessa Hudgens

Soft updo of curls with sexy smouldering eyes and natural lips and cheeks…gorgeous!!

Sarah Jessica Parker I totally like her hair which was preened and polished waves for  the Oscars. Her make-up mantra followed the Kate Beckinsale school of smoulder, with her eyes coated in sexy charcoal, while her lips and cheeks were highlighted with happy, healthy hues

Penélope Cruz

Penelope had a traditional chignon updo  with a cute side-swept fringe to frame her face at the front. Her make-up was all burnished browns and apricot cheeks.

In conclusion…the ladies either went for the natural glowy radiant route or sexy smouldering eyes.

Hope this helps!

Images from:marieclaire.co.uk, huffingtonpost.com, vogue.co.uk, http://oscars.movies.yahoo.com/photos

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      Yes…the jewellery fit her very well…bold and yet simple…like her!

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