Chanel Rouge Allure Laque – Updates

My prior post – News: Chanel Rouge Allure Laque was a big hit with readers…so I thought you must all be eager to know about this product in real life…I have added edited photos and swatches…please be kind…its my first time doing both so its a bit grainy and the sales assistant at the Chanel was abit crap…she was so anal about me taking photos and so worried about me swatching all the colours!! maybe Chanel doesn’t want news to spread about the items…which would be totally ridiculous! How else would sales increase??  Oh and she refused to sell me the rouge allure laque…she would only sell it on Monday!! After much cajoling, she said she could sell it tomorrow!! Tomorrow!! Don’t understand why she couldn’t just sell it today??? Anyway it means that there will be another post once I get my hands on one of these…but for the time being…poor pictures and crappy swatches…

Rouge Allure Laque


In case the words cant be seen…

Top Row (left to right) – Dynastie and Imperial

Bottom Row (left to right) – Ming and Santal


Top Row- Ming

Second Row (Left to Right) – Mandarin and Phoenix

Bottom Row (left to right) – Coromandel and Dragon

Last Row – Rouge Allure Llipstick Fatal


  • Coromandel #72 – orangey red..the sales assistant referred to this as a true red…I think its like a tomato red (1940s Classic Manroe red)
  • Imperial #73 – brownish red
  • Dynastie #74 – a bronzy pink shade…
  • Dragon #75 – Dark red…sales assistant calls it a pinky red…but i think its a blood red – GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ming #76 – Shimmery Pale pink …more like a nude pink…would give a nude look
  • Santal #77 – Shimmery Pale beige  – think it would be great for a Angelina Jolie Nude Pouty Look
  • Phoenix #78 – Rose pink – a much brighter pink than Ming…would even say a hot pink.
  • Mandarin #79 – Shimmery Peachish shade…if  that makes sense…

Rouge Allure Laques are very pigmented and very very long lasting (I had trouble getting them off my hands!). Pictures show the swatches shimmery but I recall (maybe incorrectly cos the sales assistant made me feel like i was some kind of spy! everything was done quickly and the testers were packed back into the boxes before I had a good look at their names!) only Ming, Santal and Mandarin that had shimmers…The laque was very thick though…personally it reminded me of Guerlain’s laque and Dior’s Creme de la gloss.

Hope this helps!


POST UPDATED: June 28 2009

For review of this product, please see – Beauty Review: Chanel Rouge Allure Laque

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