Skincare Review: Shiseido The Skincare Moisture Relaxing Mask

Shiseido 'The Skincare' Moisture Relaxing Mask

Picture and Product Information from Harrods:

A relaxing, fast-working treatment mask that helps stressed skin relax and recover, whilst increasing moisture balance.

This moisture-rich mask is designed to be smoothed onto the skin while you relax for 5 minutes, then either tissue or rinse off. The mask is formulated with plant-based ingredients and Thyme Extract to restore and rejuvenate stressed skin.

Upon application, the mask feels cool and refreshing on the skin and features Tea Rose Element, an aromachology-based scent, that relaxes the mind and body.

Can be used by all skin types of any age morning or night.

  • Dual-function; imparts a feeling of relaxation while treating stressed skin
  • Skin is healthier because of energizing effect of Moisture Relaxing Mask and massage
  • Massage stimulates the skin

Price: £35.50 for 50ml

My Review:

My Skin: Extremely sensitive skin. My skin either turns all red, is painful to touch and burns or stings, or breaks out in tiny white or huge red pimples all over the face if I use something unsuitable.  Combination skin – dry cheeks and oily t-zone.

The Packaging: Comes in a frosted glass jar. No spatular to scoop up product – feels abit unsanitary.

The Formula: A very very light gel cream. Seems to melt/liqify when you start massaging it into skin.

Additional Tips

Depending on your skintype, you can use this either once a week or thrice a week. The sales assistant told me its fantastic for dry flaking patches of skin and if your skin is chafed by the cold wind in winter…increase your usage to thrice a week. Possible to leave it over night as well. When massaging this into my skin, I notice that skin gets rubbed off as well – I think it works a mild exfoliant at the same time.

Please note…you really really really  have to use this together with Shiseido’s Massage technique! Please click on the link to see what Shiseido website has to say about their product and do not forget to click on Tips on the page to see how to massage your face with this product – Shiseido The Skincare Moisture Relaxing Mask

The Result

Glowy, radiant, dewy skin – every time I use this!  Skin becomes plump and infused with moisture. Helps get rid of dry flaking patches. I also notice that my blackheads are less noticeable after using this (could be because I am in awe with the glow and so am blinded into not seeing the blackheads!) My mom thinks this is fabulous as well…she agrees that she get glowy skin as well when she uses this!


Firstly, I must say that this has been my staple item for many years and it will continue to be a staple! It helps calm my skin down and gives moisture to chapped winter skin resulting in glowy radiant dewy skin…LOVE!

Hope this helps!


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