2009 Summer Christian Dior

ok…brief news on Dior Summer because I am not sure about it…if you are in UK, the Dior Summer collection is now available at Selfridges…apparently its exclusive to Selfridges for the moment…

Why am I not sure whether its the Summer collection??

cos even though the Sa said its the new summer collection, I am not sure because

  • she told me that the Spring Look 2009 was created with a palette called Earth Reflections (and we all know it isnt so!) and
  • the 2 eyeshadow quints I swatched were different from the pictures in Karen’s blog – please see Dior Cristal Summer 2009.

The quint in Karen’s blog is predominantly blues but the 2 quints I swatched – one quint had just a soft aqua/teal blue paired with taupes…I was speechless when I swatched it…the other quint had a soft yellowish green…unfortunately my memory fails me what the rest of the colour combinations were…I think I was just stunned at the moment…cos the colour combinations were gorgeous!!!!

I did however see the Dior Beauty Bronze Harmonie de Blush…which were absolutely drop dead gorgeous!!!

It comes in 2 shades – coral and pink…the sa tried some on the back of my hands – a gorgeous light shimmery powder…if you do want more information and swatches, Muse already has written a review, please see – Dior Bronze Harmonie de Blush Review

I was going to sign off with my usual Hope this helps…but this post might not be the case…so its

Hope you arent confused…


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