2009 Summer Laura Mercier Bohemia Collection

A dear reader (thanks Lisa!) alerted me to the new Laura Mercier Collection called Bohemia…now I really shouldnt be saying this but its getting ridiculous!! How fast are these beauty companies churning out new collections?? I thought it takes time to plan and produce new stuff?? I mean I barely wrote about Gilded Garden and the last time I spoke to the SA in March about that collection, I was told its only available in mid April in UK…and yet there’s already news on the next collection which surprise surprise is LE!!

Laura Mercier Bohemia Collection
Laura Mercier Bohemia Collection

Anyway…am listing this under Summer collection cos from the advert, it sounds like a summer collection…and frankly another collection for Spring is ridiculous…I havent been able to find any information on Iswii so the product description and pictures are from the Laura Mercier website – Newest Collection: Bohemia Collection

“Laura Mercier introduces Bohemia, her most exotic collection ever. The Moroccan Bronze Illuminating Powder adds gorgeous warmth and radiance to cheeks, while the Eye Mosaics and Kohl Eye Pencils provide lids with either desert or marine inspired shades. The Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer in Golden Radiance gives the skin a flawless glow while healthy, natural tones of Lip Colour complete the look, leaving you looking earthy, alluring, exotic.”

LE Eye Mosaic - Sahara and
LE Eye Mosaic

Laura Mercier Eye Mosaic combines four coordinating shades in the existing Shimmer Bloc formula to add gorgeous colour and sheen to lids.

Available:  2 shades

  • Sahara Sun – gold, bronze, coral and pink
  • Mediterranean Sea – indigo, aqua, golden and copper
LE Moroccan Bronze Illuminating Powder
LE Moroccan Bronze Illuminating Powder

Laura Mercier Moroccan Bronze Illuminating Powder contains four different shades in a neutral colour family providing an overall warmth and a subtle glow to the face – in gilded bronze and copper tones.

Nutty’s thoughts:

Well…you already know what i think of the beauty companies churning out collections non-stop…

With regards to this collection, the two LE items are quite interesting…the Eye Mosaic sounds so exotic and so summery but I go gaga over neutral eyeshadows (perhaps because indigo and aqua would work well on tanned beach babes and not pale fairskinned me),  so the most interesting item would perhaps be the Moroccan Bronze Illuminating Powder…if you look closely at the compact on the website please see Moroccan Bronze Illuminating Powder , you should be able to notice that there is a nice graduation of beigy/netural shades…am guessing this could double as a great eyeshadow perhaps with the addition of a brown eyeliner to get some definition. That would be so in tune with the glowly nude look for this Spring season.

btw, I think this is available for sale already in America…there is infact a review on MUA – the reviewer (msdi2u) describes it as beautiful shimmer with good colour payoff that brightens her face without turning orange…sighhh…sounds like another must-buy?? My poor wallet…

Hope this helps!


Images from http://www.lauramercier.com

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