Diary of a Makeover Event: The Trish McEvoy Master Class

I could have sworn I published this post sometime in March…but when I went through my entries…I discovered it hadn’t been published…so its a little late…but better late than never…


  • TM = Trish McEvoy
  • mua = make up artist

Diary of a Beauty Event :

A dear friend booked me in for this event…sort of like a thank you gift…(god i ❤ you!)…

There is a booking fee of £75 which is fully redeemable…runs for almost 2 hours (I think).

Anyway, we (the other bunch of ladies who were attending the event) gathered at the TM counter and  were later ushered into a special room specifically for this event. We were offered glasses of champagne (maybe that’s why it costs so much??) but alot of us requested for orange juice or water. There was a total  of 26 ladies…I think the group was too big because I ended up sharing a mua with someone else…I wasn’t the only one who had to share…

I was really hyped up for the event because I was told Trish would be giving out advise but it actually was more of her 2 assistants that were doing most of the talking with Trish peppering in bits and pieces of advise.


Firstly – there was a talk on which skincare one should use…i.e TM skincare. TM items are created by dermatologist (Trish’s husband)…but I  had a really bad reaction to the skincare! First, the mua cleansed my skin, use their (famous) Even Skin Beta Hydroxy Pads…where I started to feel my skin tingling then the mua applied the Beauty Booster Serum and that’s when i felt my whole face burning up!! So not good!! That’s when I stopped listening/trying out the skincare…

Secondly – the assistant proceeded to explain the correct way of washing off the cleaner…one needs to cup water in their hands and to actually splash their skin with the water…cos some people actually don’t splash their face with water…hmmm…

Palette System

Next, the other assistant gave a  talk on how great the TM palette system is…and offered a special bundle that was specifically for the event only… I got sucked in and bought this but it turns out the colours weren’t specially for this event, the various shades were picked from the normal collection of shades…the bundle was filled with the “in-season colour trend” as forecast by TM – am guessing its a nude look cos the range of shades provided were mainly beiges, caramels and browns…

Finally – Makeup Tips!!

We started getting some makeup tips!!! But most of the tips were geared on how to use the items according to the  special bundle…


#1 – Foundation: Even Skin Foundation

#2 – Concealer:

  • Not necessary if  foundation is sufficient.
  • For TM foundation should be able to conceal your circles.
  • Only use a concealer if foundation isn’t enough.
  • Don’t use a concealer if you want to cover wrinkles, use  their  illuminater – Correct and Brighten Pen –  after using eye cream.

#3 – Cheeks: Dual Resort Bronzer

  • Smoosh your brush on both shades for the bronzer and tap off access before application.
  • Depending where you want the most colour (ie. where you want to accentuate), that’s were you touch the brush first.
  • Depending on the brush you use, it will affect application too.
  • Use their cheek brush (cant find a picture/ link but its the usual shaped cheek brush), or  the Blending Brush for a sheerer application.
  • Product wasn’t use to contour but more as a blush.
  • Use the clean sponge to blend out product.


#1 – A base/primer on eye: Eye Base Essentials

  • Need her eye basic to brighten up eyes and act as a base.
  • Dun forget to brighten the inner corner of the eyes…darkening it will close up the eyes.
  • If in a rush – use this with  eyeliner & mascara

#2 – Eyeshadow: Eyeshadows

  • Lighter shade should be used to brighten up inner corners. Use Large Laydown brush to cover lid with lighter shade.
  • Use Taped Blending Brush for application of darker colour on crease bone and then blend it in in left to right motion.
  • Darker shade should be applied only along  3/4 of  the crease bone (not all the way into the inner corners of the eye).
  • Take the darker shade slightly above crease bone… this will open up the eyes.
  • Applying the darker shade into the crease wont open up eyes, will only deepen the crease.

#3 – Eyeliner: Definer Eyeliner

  • To line: Using Angled Eye Brush,  start from outer corners & work your way in…
  • For younger ladies – a thicker line at the outer corner while thinning out towards the inner corner would enhance the eyes.
  • For the more matured ladies – a thin line along the upper eye lashes will provide sufficient definition.

#4 – Eyebrows: Precision Brow Shaper

  • Use only if you require/want more definition.
  • First comb eyebrow, then using short strokes colour in the eyebrow and then brush it again.

#5 – Mascara: High Volume or Curling Mascara

  • Remember to curl your lashes with a curler.
  • Use mascara in a zig-zag motion.

NOTE : It is very important to have eyeliner and mascara!  If in a hurry, skip eyeshadow application but use eyeliner and mascara.


#1 – Prep: Flawless Lip

  • Used to prime lips and provide some moisture.

#2 – Lip pencil : Essential Pencil

  • For more definition – line slightly outside the lip line then shade in.
  • If  lips are already plump – line within lip line and then shade in.

#3 – Lip gloss: Gloss

  • Over lip pencil to give illusion of plumper lips.


The goody bag was a joke…it was huge, huge letdown – a full size scented body lotion – with no choice  of scent at all and it was just handed over to me when I sat down…no nice presentation in a bag or anything…

Personally, I felt the event could be better…perhaps I was expecting too much?

I was expecting  TM to be dispensing the mu advise/tips but it was mainly her 2 assistants who did most of the talking…and I was expecting an exclusive event with a one-to-one mua…but itwas with a group of 26 people and I ended up having to share a mua which meant that it would be worth my money’s worth if I just approach a mua at the floor counter…although there would be people staring at me during the make over, at least I get a one-to-one attention…and it would be FREE!! I also felt like the whole affair was a marketing gimmick…instead of show casing the range of TM  products/colour selection and letting people play with their products (which is what I think attending one of this events is meant to be)…it was mainly “Let me tell you what’s in the bundle because the bundle is really great!” I even asked what other shades came in the Eye essentials base and was told the shade that comes in the bundle is best for me…

I personally wouldn’t want to attend one of these classes again…even if it was free…however, if you are a novice to makeup…you might want to consider a personalised beauty event where a one-to-one mua would give  you their full attention and answer any questions you have.



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