Grey’s Anatomy – Meredith Grey and McDreamy…Finally!?!

Dear Readers,

Grey’s Anatomy was my favourite show when it first started…who wouldn’t fall in love with McDreamy??? I have been following their relationship up and downs but more often that not I get pissed with Meredith for spoiling things and McDreamy  pissed me off too when he failed to let Meredith know he was married!!  I kept watching just hoping those two would get together! I thought those two would be the first to get married…but Yang ended up in a white gown first!

I haven’t been following the show for the past season (cos the TV executives decided to shift it from FREE TV to PAY TV and I refuse to pay for something that I was receiving free previously so i no longer get to watch it…along with my other favourite American sitcoms – POOH!)…anyway someone sent me this link…apparently Derek and Meredith are finally getting hitched! check out Meredith Grey & Derek Shepard . Dear god…or rather Dear TV writers…please let them get married!! You cant possibly give us another season ending with another lead actress left at the altar right??

Hope they have a great wedding!



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