Laura Mercier Moroccan Bronze Illuminating Powder Review

Image and Information from Laura Mercier Website:

Laura Mercier Moroccan Bronze Illuminating Powder contains four different shades in a neutral colour family providing an overall warmth and a subtle glow to the face.

  • Limited Edition
  • Silky smooth formula glides on naturally and evenly
  • Velvet composition adheres for longer wear
  • Pigment blends evenly into skin for a beautiful sun-kissed look
  • Oil-Free
  • Included in the Bohemia Collection
  • 0.35 oz./10.0g

Laura’s Insider Tips: Get creative with application. Use it for an all over glow, build it on the apples of the cheeks where you naturally blush or on the eyelid.



  • £27 for 10 gram


  • Dark brown compact with mirror.


  • 4 shades of gilded bronze and copper tones…mainly creams, beiges, caramel and a copper shade.


  • Very, very soft powder… there was powder flying all over when I whisk the brush around the palette – the sa was quite pissed I messed up the compact! 😆


A nice milk chocolate brown with ermmm GOLD GLITTER! Fair ladies might have to be careful with application…it might turn out too dark…all I did was swipe the brush once across the palette and wham…the back of my hand was brown! Along with nice specks of gold…


Well…I am undecided on this…I havent bought it, just played with it at the counter…thrice!  I seriously dont know how this would work as a bronzer with those gold particles (perhaps its just an overspray??). When the light hit where i had applied this, there was hardly any shimmer but specks of gold glitter…the sa told me it was more of a matte effect…hmmm…but…i think this would actually work wonders as an eyeshadow!! Yes…i know…thats not what it was meant for …but i think those gold glitter would be great with brown eyes!!! Would it be strange to purchase this just to use on the eyes?? cos am thinking it would great to create neutrals eyes…

Hope this helps!



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