Hiatus till June 2009

Dear Readers,

I will not be updating for the next few weeks. I will resume posting again after June 3rd. I will leave you with a post on Chanel No. 5… A Journey of A Lifetime. Hopefully this will tide you over till I am back in June.

When I resume writing again, I will finally start the series on red lipsticks. The  idea for this series occurred as I read that Betsy at Autumn Masquerade loves red lipsticks as well and I requested that she write about her favourite red lipsticks and  I too would write about my red lipsticks…that way we would have more lipsticks to try *my poor, poor wallet!*.

Betsy has started her series titled The Crimson Petals *Her title is sooo nice right?*, do check out her posts if you love red lipsticks!!  I would have started posting much earlier too but I just could not create a title name that befitted Betsy’s one… so I left the series alone until inspiration struck…which usually occurs at the most inappropriate times…anyway I finally settled on  “The Rosebud Chronicles” …nice isnt it?? 😆

I hope when I return, I would have more time  to write  on fashion posts and perhaps branch into reviewing fragrances as well! I will also reply to the dear reader who left me a question when I return. If you wish, you can leave me messages using the contact form found at –  Contacting Nutty .  I will reply after June 3rd.

I would also like to share this song that has kept me going during late nights… I hope you like it as much as I do!

I look forward to seeing you all again after June 03 2009!

Take Care everyone!



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