Brand Review: B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful

Ever hear of this brand – B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful? It is the sister brand to Lush. Lush specialises in skincare, haircare and bath products but BNTBBTBB (sorry…its name is way too long!) specialises in makeup!! I was told by their sa that all products are suitable for vegans and mirrors Lush’s idea of using natural ingredients for their products.

I have not personally tried any of their stuff but I did test-drive their fragrances and played with their glitter – loose Face and Body Glitter and Metallic Loose Powder when I was in store…gorgeous!! The loose glitter is slightly chunky but the loose metallic powder are gorgeous!! These come in pretty carved wooden jars and their fragrances all came in vintage bottles and because its vintage, not every bottle is the same. This idea of different packaging remains true for their other products…the same shade of lipgloss or eyeshadow would come in an array of different gorgeous beaded casings! So besides choosing the shade you want, you also get to choose the casing!! The idea is to turn makeup into a hobby…making each product collectible…apparently each beaded casing is hand made in India!

Their products are available at B Never To Busy To Be Beautiful . There are only 3 stores in UK right now, two in London- Convent Garden and Oxford Street – and  one in Leeds. I do believe they ship international in case anyone is lemming for these…oh…am sure you can find these in Japan…apparently the Japanese ladies absolutely love their stuff.

I have uploaded photos of their products taken from their websites…they wouldn’t allow any photographs to be taken in store!! Am not too sure if the pictures are accurate colour wise…but I must admit their packaging looks sooo pretty!!

Face Products

Main Picture is their foundation.

Right column, Top to Bottom – Cream blusher, powder blusher and face powder with face brush.

Their face powders, blushes (cream and powder) and face powder all come in refills…so dont forget to choose a gorgeous casing right at the beginning!!


Main Picture is their Eye Kohl.

Right column, Top to Bottom – Pressed eyeshadow, Metallic Loose Powder and Loose Glitter Pots (Face and Body Glitter)

More pictures of their pressed eyeshadow…note the different casing designs!!

More pictures of their glitter products…the smaller pictures are the glitter for face and body while the pictures of the close up are the loose metallic powders…if you want glitter, shimmer, sparkles…this are an absolutely must have for you!!! Havent convinced you yet? How about these…

The full range of loose glitter for face and body…not good enough you say?? Would these help??

The entire range of Loose Metallic Powder…

Lip Products

Main image is their Lip Stain – reminds me of what those ladies use in those period/wuxia dramas!!

See those gold things inside the pretty casing?? Apparently its gold foil!!

Has anyone tried their stuff before?? Let me know what you think of them in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed drooling over the pictures!!


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4 thoughts on “Brand Review: B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful

    1. Hi S. DUmpling,

      Yes…their packaging is sooo cute! Very Kaiwaii…

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!

    1. Hi Fuz

      Yes! Their designs are super cool! Trying to resist buying just for the packaging!!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

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