Ascot Season 2009…

Previously I wrote about my feather obsessions in – My Other Obsessions – Feathers.  In honour of Ascot season 2009 starting, here are more pictures of hats and fascinators … whether you like feathers, flowers or plain structural styles…look on and drool!!


Feathers on Combs

I wonder if the middle red feathery headpiece would suit a traditional Chinese wedding…you know especially when the bride wears the traditional kua?? What do you think?? Please comment…


I am so in love with all these veils… especially love the pieces at the top and last row… its so English!!

Check out the sassy, sexy Ann Boleyn in The Tudors with feathers on her hats! Hey if feathers can attract that hot stud… I just might have to add it to my wardrobe!! 🙂

If interested in owning one of these, click – Monsoon Fascinators

Images from Monsoon and Admiring Natalie Dormer


2 thoughts on “Ascot Season 2009…

    1. Hi S. Dumpling,

      If i recall correctly, the Melbourne Cup’s sometime in November?? I think the Cup fashions are so much nicer (and cheaper!) in London compared to Melb!!

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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