Chanel London Madness Collection Review

Chanel London Madness collection is designed by Chanel make-up’s Global Creative Director Peter Philips, and inspired by his love for the capital – London. The London Madness Collection includes new,  shades of Rouge Allure and Le Vernis, and  the Pearly Banner Palette – a highlighter stamped with the Union Jack.


The Pearly Banner Palette – The ivory, gold and silver highlighter which has the Union Jack looks absolutely gorgeous when new. Unfortunately, after use, the lovely Union Jack disappears. Personally feel the highlighter is chalky. At £52.

Enthusiast Rouge Allure & Le Vernis – Fire popping red with tinge of orange for both the lipstick and nail polish. No noticeable shimmer. Nail polish is a cream finish.

Exclusively available at Selfridges in May and should be available nationwide from July. All products are limited edition.


I skipped this collection.  Am saving up for the fall collection instead.

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2 thoughts on “Chanel London Madness Collection Review

  1. Hi Nutty, welcome back !!, thanks for sharing this collection from Chanel, they’re soooo pretty 🙂 What a pitty that there isn’t anything like this over here in Australia. I probably won’t buy this as well even if we have it, only because I’ll feel bad about using it 🙂

    1. Hey!

      Thanks for the welcome!!

      hehe…Oz is notorious for having seriously overpriced beauty products! Perhaps the collection might slowly work their way there??

      Its true limited edition items such as these are usually too pretty to use… 😦 But i guess part of the high price is the unusual prints…and the allure of getting one of these is the unusual prints!

      Thanks for visting and commenting!

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