Chanel Tokyo Happening Collection Review

While London had the Chanel London Madness collection -please see Beauty Review: Chanel London Madness Collection, Asia had the Tokyo Happening Collection. This collection was created by Peter Philips, Global Creative Makeup Director for CHANEL, to commemorate the opening of the new CHANEL Fragrance and Beauté boutique in Tokyo.

Products Available:

Les Tendres de Chanel 14g

Levres Scintillantes 5.5g

  • #387  Wish
  • #397  Lune
  • #407  Libellule

Le Vernis 13ml

  • #387 Blue Wish
  • #397  Lune D’argent
  • #407  Rose Libellule
  • #417  Galactic

Les Tendres de Chanel – A gorgeous highlighter that had micro-silver glitter. This gave a much more natural effect and reminded me of Shu’s P Peach 42 but with extra silver glitter.

Levres Scintillantes – Apologies but i didnt get to test this.

Le Vernis – I did swatches for the blog on a bit of tape but frankly I could not see the difference between the four bottles of nail polishes. So disappointed. The effect was different coloured micro-shimmers in a clear base so even if I piled on more coats, I would get more of the shimmers. Perhaps best used as a top coat.

Once again, another collection that I skipped.

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