Review: Nails Inc Nail Polish

Price – Depends on how you purchase a nail polish. You can either pay £10.50 for individual bottles or £20 for their specially package collections or you can create your own colour collection (i.e you choose your own shades) for

  • 3 polishes for £20
  • 4 polishes for £25
  • 5 polishes for £30
  • 10 polishes for £60


Packaging – Round bottle. Cap is silver. Its a tiny bit bulky for me, so i find it slightly difficult to use the brush. Brush spreads polish evenly.

Application – Applies smoothly for most of the nail polish shades i have.

Drying – Dries reasonably fast.

Coverage – Its fairly pigmented. One coat usually gets it done (hence the comment that it dries  fast).

Lasting power – Lasts reasonably well on me. 5 days, 7 days tops.

Shades – A reasonable range of shades available with additions of new colours each seasons and/or with collaboration for fashion shows. A pity about the lack of shimmer/glittery shades and edgier/vampy shades like green and purple.

Finish – You get a finish that is very glossy and jelly like…gorgeous!


If you find a colour that you like, buy! Stay tuned for swatches and review on their top and base coats.

Hope this helps!


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