Guide to 2009 Spring Look by Sisley – Golden Goddess Collection

A classic look for the golden days of summer — great for all skin tones; brown or blue eyes.

Sisley Paris Golden Goddess Look
Sisley Paris Golden Goddess Look Spring 2009

How to Get the Look:

• To extend your makeup wear apply a thin layer of Radiant Immediate Lift by gently patting it onto the face neck, and decolletage and wait a moment before applying makeup, allowing for proper absorption of the product into the skin.
• For beautifully flawless skin, use Tinted Moisturizer to match your skin tone. To freshen your look throughout the day with a youthful-looking glow again gently pat Radiant Immediate Lift over your makeup.

• Apply the powder Eyeshadow #1 in Vanilla to provide a base to prime for eye shadow and color. Also try Sorbet for an overall neutral with a little something extra.
• Apply the powder Eyeshadow #4 in Banana to add brightness to the lids. Another vibrant option is Anis. Dab onto your eyelid up to the crease with the Eye Shadow Shading Brush.
• Apply the powder Eyeshadow #19 in Ebony to the outer corners of the eyelid to add contour to the eyes. Also try Graphite for softer contrast. Blend up to the brow bone using the Eye Shadow Shading Brush.
• Widen the eyes using Kohl Perfect Eyeliner #10 in Ebony at the base of the top lashline. Also try Khaki, Steel or Brown.
• Balance the look of the eye with feathering the brows with the Perfect Eyebrow Pencil in either Blonde, Chestnut or Brown, depending on your coloring.
• Line the outer 3rd of the lash line using Khol Star #5 in Sparkling Bronze. You might try Copper Gold for subtle radiance or blue eyes. For a cooler palette, combine Deep Silver 4 and Smoky Topaz.
• Gently work the Ultra-Volume #1 Mascara in So Black starting from the corner of the eye zig zagging up and across the lashes. Don’t forget the bottom lashes in the center. Try Blue for added drama or Brown if you want something more neutral.

• Apply a flush of natural color to cheeks using Blush Eclat #3 in Mango to the hollows of the cheek. Also try Peah or Litchi.

• Line and fill in lips with Phyto Lip Shine Sheer#1 in Nude to give the illusion of full lips. Also try pretty Tea Rose or sultry Chocolate.
• Add some color to the lips with Lipstick#30 in Intense Coral. Try Rosewood or Petal to mix it up.
• Add a delicate shimmer and a natural tint to lips using Lip Star #6 in Precious Coral. Also try Shiny Ruby or Sparkling Topaz.



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