Guide to 2009 Spring Look by Chantecaille – La Baleine Collection

The look for an oh-so-fresh face!

Chantecaille La Baleine Beauty Look
Chantecaille La Baleine Beauty Look Spring 2009

How to Get the Look:

• Gently blend La Baleine Blanche Face with the Face Brush and brush directly to the highest points of the face: across the cheek bones, nose bridge, and forehead.

• Apply the Ink Precision Pencil to intensify the base of the top lashes. Flint or Bark are also great when getting perfect definition.
• Using the Basic Brush, apply the Sand from La Baleine Bleue Eyes on the eyelid, from eyelash base to slightly above the fold.
• Apply the Pale Blue from La Baleine Bleue using the Contour Brush, along the brow bone.
• Use the Definer Brush to apply the Dark Grey La Baleine Bleue, softening the area where Color and Highlight meet in the crease, recreating the shadow of the lash against the skin.
• Apply two coats of Mascara in Noir to top and bottom lashes. Go a little subtle with Brun Noir.

• Using the Cheek Brush apply the Laughter Cheek Shade starting at the inner edge of the cheek bone working in soft strokes downwards, out towards the temples. Also try it in Delight or Emotion.

• Using the Lip Brush, apply a soft coat of Angel Skin Lipstick starting from the middle of the bottom lip spreading the color outward. (This prevents from an excess of lipstick on the lips edge, eliminating any bleeding. To brighten things up, also try Cassia or Angelica.
• Now, outline the shape of the top and bottom lips with Tone Lip Definer Pencil, drawing from the edges inwards. Also try Nuance or Hint.



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