Diary of a Makeover Event: Becca

As far as I know, Becca is available at Fenwicks and their own Becca flagship store in London.

I first knew about this beauty event at Fenwicks, which would have been free but since it was fully booked out, the sa very  kindly mentioned that their flagship store was also holding this event. This was a event to meet Rebecca, the lady who created Becca. At the flagship store, the event would cost £80 , where £50 was redeemable for a  45mins makeover event. However, there would be a goody bag available for the event at the flagship store. Since I was curious, I made a booking at their flagship store.


I arrived slightly early…the store was pretty easy to find and close to the tube station. Since I was early, I had to use the bathroom which their flagship store had. The store was surprisingly pretty cool – click on the link above to see pictures. The deco is so so cool – dark carpets intermingled with touches of cream furniture with light provided from pretty crystal lights…very super cool. The place was divided into 3 levels…the ground floor shopfront where the makeover took place, a mid-level small area meant for hair styling and the last level divided by the office, toilets and an seated area. Apparently, the flagship store is available for events such as Hen’s Night where they can arrange for someone to style hair and also manicurists as well.

Since I was early, I managed to wonder around the area a bit…there was a Chanel boutique next to them…so I ended up drooling over Chanel bags for a while…


The second time I went into the Becca store…I officially met Rebecca…(well, I did meet her earlier where she was pretty concern I would loose my way finding the toilet but I couldn’t recognise her…even though her photo was displayed! 🙂 ) Rebecca was super duper friendly and very very courteous!!

The beauty event was suppose to last for 45mins but I think I spent almost 2 hours since everyone was so accommodating on my endless questions! It was the best makeover event I had been too with all the fun I had. I peppered both the makeup artist and Rebecaa on makeup questions and they truly took into account my dislikes and likes before suggesting products and were happy to explain makeup techniques as well!

Tips and Tricks…

Becca specialises in achieving ultra-natural, perfect looking skin that lasts all day in just 3-steps. The 3 steps for their  Skin Perfecting Makeup System are as follows:

  • Step 1 – Prepare
  • Step 2 – Perfect
  • Step 3 – Set

More on their Skin Perfecting Makeup system in a later post.


Because  I didnt like having full on foundation and I wanted something light and non-sticky, Rebecca suggested concealing problem areas with their Compact Concealer followed by setting with Fine Loose Finishing Powder. My face was first primed with one of their  “must have items “- Mineral SPF Primer


For eyes, because I complained that nothing lasts long on my eyes, they recommended their version of Eye Tints. Baroque was used all over the eye, followed by Gilt at the outer corners. According to the sa, Gilt (a dark bronzer brown) should be used on the outer 1/3 of my eye and slightly above the crease to elongate my eyes and create the illusions of larger eye. My eyes were lined with a dark brown Eyeshadow using Angle Brush #9 along the top of the eyes and along 3/4  of the bottom eye (from the outside). Loose Shimmer Powder in Odette was used to highlight the brow bone  and the inner corner of the eye. The eye look was finished with their mascara called The Ultimate Mascara.


I was interested in their new Mineral Bronzing Powder and their new shade of  Beach tint so bronzer was used to sculpt my face but interestingly, the makeup artist didnt apply the bronzer in the typical E shape but instead used it  more like a blush on my cheeks. This was followed by the Raspberry (their latest shade) Beach Tint for just a pop of colour on the apples of my cheek. Check out my review on their Beach Tints.


Tried out their new lipstick call Sheer Tint Lip Colour – Vendela a sheer rosy nude was chosen for my look. Prior to that, Nude Liner –  Nougat a Skin toned beige / rosy nude (its a dual lip liner) was used.

We (Me, Rebecca and the makeup artist) had a long discussion on colours for my eyes…I wanted a natural look and they recommended browns. I have always had a problem with browns because they make me look tired and like someone had punched my eyes, so naturally I avoided browns for my eyes. But apparently, according to them, I needed a blush to balance out my brown eyes. I did tell them I use a blush and rather then left it as it is, they asked to show what colour blush I normally used…Apparently my usual pink blushers werent the right pairing for brown eyeshadow. Instead I need a rosy cheek colour to brighten up my brown eyeshadows.

The Finale…

When my makeover was finished…I was given a goody bag. The goody bag was simply amazing!!  It contained alot of their new stuff – there was a sample size of mineral primer, a full size lipstick (from new range – Sheer Tint Lip Colour) and full size beach tint in their NEW shade – raspberry.


I really really love this makeover and felt that my money was well-spent, simply because Rebecca took the time to ask about what  look I was going for and my likes and dislikes on the texture of foundation and shades of colours I would use for eyeshadows, blushes and lips!! Off course the fabulous goody bag also helped! If you have the time and budget, do book in for one of these events!

My one regret was not trying their tinted moisturiser Luminous Skin Colour which is apparently one of their best sellers.

Happy Reading!


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2 thoughts on “Diary of a Makeover Event: Becca

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a lot of fun, love to see how our make over turned out. I still haven’t had a chance to go and try Becca yet, considering it’s an Australian brand I should have gone and tried it out earlier 🙂

    1. Hi

      You should try out Becca…but if i recalled…its really expensive over in Australia! And i dont think they do GWP right??
      But at least do a test run and let me know what you think of their products!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

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