Brand Review: Dolce and Gabbana

Vogue (UK) announced the debut of D&G makeup in their March 2009. Path McGrath is the creator of the line and Scarlet Johannsson is the spokeperson for the makeup item…check out their website – Dolce and Gabbana The Makeup

Nutty’s Thoughts:

Previously I wrote about my thoughts at News – Dolce & Gabbana Makeup. This post will cover a short review the products I played with at the counter.

The Counter…

okay…when i first saw the counter at Selfridges…I was a little disappointed. Its pretty small…perhaps its cos of the mixture of colours – gold panels intermix with gold and black furnishing…it  looked small. There’s a black chandelier handing from the main circular table…it look pretty gothic…the products are displayed around the outside of the circular table. ok…imagine a square, in the middle of the square is a small round table with the chandlier…intersect two lines through the circle (like a cross), the cross marks the passageway for walking. When you reach the end of the passageway, there’s the display with all the goodies…

The Sales Staff…

Knows their stuff but a little intimidating…happy to help once you get over the fact that they are intimidating…imagine tall amazons with slick tightly pulled back hair and a bright red lipstick on their lips!

The Products…

Face  – powder foundation was super duper fine. The bronzer especially the lightest shade reminded me of the lightest shade of the bronzer that Stephane Marais used to produced.

Eyes – As per the powder foundation  texture – very fine. A nice range of shades available in the quads and duos. Pigmentation veered from sheer to fairly pigmented. Very fine shimmer such that it looked like there wasnt any shimmer in the eyeshadows.

Lips – 2 versions of lipsticks – creme and shine formulae. Both seem to apply easily. Best bit would be the wide range of red shades. If you love red, do check out their range. I totally love their different formulae, so if you find a red too strong in the creme formulae, try the shine formuale. Lipsticks are scented.

Packaging – Gold packaging that athough looks classic is actually pretty light weight. Somehow everytime I use the lipstick I bought,  i get the feeling its pretty filmsy.


Prices similar to  higher end brands. There’s nothing that really stood out for me that day when i visited the counter although i did buy a lipstick  only because I was curious on how good it would be given the amount of thought and care put into the production of their lipstick – please see News: Dolce & Gabbana.  MUA has also given quite good reviews on their powder foundation.  For the moment, am quite happy sticking to my Chanel and Chantecaille…although I strongly think its probably because I have way too much stash at the moment.  Perhaps anyone near a counter would like to take a look and form your own opinion.  Do comment on your thoughts of this new makeup brand.

To view their products online, check out – Dolce & Gabbana The Makeup

To view the video of Scarlett at Selfridges, check out video

Hope this helps!


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