All Things Suqqu…

This post is about Suqqu – a Japanese  makeup and skincare brand. I have only recently discovered this brand in the past year and it has rapidly became one of my favourite brands. Read on for my thoughts on this brand…


According to Suqqu’s website, the name SUQQU was derived from the Japanese word sukku-to meaning “posture with attitude”. To read more about their brand’s concept click – Suqqu.


I believe Suqqu is famous for their Gankin massage, utilising their Massage cream. It is supposed to work wonders for tired, sagging skin. To learn more about their Gankin Massage, click – Gankin Massage.

Personally i feel that the Massage cream really lives up to expectations…I used to have one tub *used to because, I suggested mom test out this product which she did and now she has it hidden somewhere in her bathroom!* The other notable products I have use include the Lip Essence Cream and Lip Protector. I believe their whitening skincare are also quite famous.


On to their makeup…if anyone has used their products, you will understand when i gush about their really soft silky textures and gorgeous shimmer! Their star products for me – their gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous eyeshadows and blushes.  They are also quite famous for their makeup base and foundations. I have not had the privilege of trying them or their lipsticks which I know other bloggers are in love with!

Packaging wise –  their makeup products are stored in lovely dark purple casings – very classy and come with the *oh my god!* softest ever applicator brushes!! while their skincare  products come in white casing…i do believe some of the bottles are made of glass.

The product that I am  totally in love with is *drum roll*…their brushes!!! They have the softest, softest, softest brush hair ever!! I kid you not! 😉 Apparently, the brushes are hand-crafted…perhaps that  explains for their exorbitant prices? As much as I love their brushes  *whenever I am at their counter, I always, always, always caress one of these babies* i still find them a tad pricey. But their powder brush is absolutely to die for! I have been looking for a powder brush that is fluffy with  a full head of hair and the brush hair has to be soft because of my sensitive skin…their Face  Brush fits all of my criteria except for the price… I believe its £160…the Cheek Brush is another item I have been lemming since I discovered Suqqu…but its £60…ahhh…if only money grows on trees or would drop from the heavens!!! 🙂 For a more affordable makeup tool from Suqqu you might want to check out their Eyelash Curler

Their customer service is exemplary – non pushy sales staff who are good with explaining their products, at suggesting  colour shades suitable for you and are very willing to demonstrate the product on your skin for you!!

A much as I am totally in love with Suqqu, I am not blind to her faults. One undesirable point  for my beloved brand is some of their limited edition products sell out super duper fast! Case in point, the Face Polish (highlighter powder) from the recent Autumn/ Winter 2009 Collection sold out so quickly that I didnt even get to say Hi to the product!! 😦

At the moment, Suqqu is only available in Japan, Bangkok and UK – at Selfridges in London & Birmingham. This is their other fault – the limited availability/ access to their products *which to me is a major fault! Suqqu needs to share the LOVE to all the makeup aficionados out there!!*.

Price wise I would perhaps rate them together with similar brands such as  Chantecaille, Chanel and Dior…so their items are quite pricey as well.

If you ever do manage to find yourself standing at a Suqqu counter one of these days, do check out the following

  • Brushes!!
  • Eyelash Curler
  • Eyeshadows
  • Mascara
  • blushes
  • Foundation
  • Powders
  • Makeup base
  • Massage Cream
  • Lip Essence cream

If you would like to read more about Suqqu products – Autumn Masquerade, A Touch of Blusher, London Makeup Girl are also bloggers who love Suqqu…alternatively, stay tune for my reviews on the Suqqu products I have!

If you would like to read my thoughts on other brands, please see – Brand Reviews

Hope this helps!


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8 thoughts on “All Things Suqqu…

    1. Hi sweetarchivia,

      hehe…there is no doubt you would love to see suqqu brushes…but i seriously doubt your wallet would agree! 😛


  1. Sometimes, I’m about forgetting some cavings, but as you might guess by readings this comment, I’m still so caving SUQQU brushes, haha…

    I intend to get the Face Brush, the Eyeliner Brush, the Eyeshadow Brush L/M and Eyeshadow Brush S/F (and maybe the Blush Brush too, haha…).
    Do you know how much these cost?


    1. Hi Jess

      apologies for not responding to your comment earlier. If i recalled correctly, a cheek brush is GBP80 but that pricing is correct two years ago, I have no idea how much it costs now. You might want to check the Japanese website, perhaps that should be a good gauge for the prices…

      I would like to take this opportunity to suggest Trish McEvoy brushes or even stila brushes. The brush hair is not as soft as suqqu, but still soft and cheaper too…

      thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Hello I want to start up a blog myself, as I’m inspired by passionate people like you about makeups. I have started my page with wordpress, and in the privacy option, I have allowed my page to be searchable by search engines. I still cannot find my blog though if I try to google it. How long did it take your blogs to come up in google etc?

    1. Hi Stomachcramps,

      Sorry but I didnt check how long it took for my blog to appear on google. Perhaps post the question on the support forum. There might be others who can help. Good luck on your blogging!

      Thanks for visiting and leaving comment!

  3. I’ve been craving some SUQQU brushes, but I’d prefer to see (and being able to feel) them in person. Sadly, Austria is far far away from importing this brand, haha…

    1. Hi Jess

      Perhaps its better that you have no access to the brushes because after seeing and feeling them, unless you have super duper will power, I am guessing most people would cave…that is if money is no objection…if thats the case for me, I would purchase the entire brush line and not buy brushes from other brands every again…the brushes are that good!

      How about arranging a trip to London to satisfy all your cravings??? 😛

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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