2009 Holiday: Paul & Joe Smoke & Mirrors Collection Review

Paul & Joe Winter 2009 Smoke and Mirrors collection is a play of shadows and lights to create winter looks. There are 2 sets for this collection – Eyeshadow Colour Kit and Highlighting Powder and Pearl Set. Please note, apparently the items are sold separately in the EU and USA.

Eye Colour Kit

Highlighting Powder and Pearl Set


♣ Eye Colour Kit

#001 Mesmerised ~ Deep smokey colours to create captivating eyes. There’s a pale  lilac, a tan (perfect as a contour shade), supposedly a dark deep green (but on me it is black)

#002 spellbound ~ Warm colours meant to create a sophisticated Look. There’s a peach, golden brown and dark chocolate – they are really warm shades so cool toned gals beaware.

All shades are shimmery, quite pigmented. The eyeliner pencil that accompanies both sets is a plain black eyeliner. Perfect for either a office look or a darker intense smokey look. Comes packed into a purple card box case (feels solid) that has a handle.

♣ Highlighting Powder and Pearl Set

#001 Smoke & Mirrors ~ Shimmery pale gold highlighter + a shimmery black loose powder interspersed with sliver microglitter.

#002 Glow Magic ~ Shimmery pale pink highlighter + a shimmery brownish pink (quite difficult to describe, its not totally pink or brown but a shade in between…maybe a rose gold?? see picture below) loose powder interspersed with silver microglitter.

The lovely motif in the compact highlighting powder disappears after use. The compact (both are of the same colour – pale beige) is  a limited edition issue and is refillable with their regular pressed powders. Comes in a lovely clutch bag.

Top Row – Eye Colour Kit in #001 , #002

Bottom Row – Highlighting Powder & Pear Powder Set in #001, #002


Gorgeous collection! Paul & Joe makes really lovely silky soft powder products. As much as I LOVE Eye Colour Kit #001 (the lilac and tan) shades are gorgeous… i wish the darkest shade was a true dark forest green like in the pictures…for the Highlighting Powder set – I love the pink highlighter and the  black loose powder…

Hope this helps!


Images from iswii.net, asos.com


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