2009 Holiday: Chanel Cage Doree De Chanel Collection Review

Apparently among Ms Coco Chanel’s items in her Paris flag lies a bird-cage that was prettily adorned with gorgeous colours…this bird cage was the inspiration for this xmas’s collection…

My creation


Lames de Chanel ~ Limited edition highlighter in the famous Tweed design similar to their Tweed blushes – see Blush Duo Tweed Effect . While it gave a very lovely pale goldish shimmer and looked gorgeous with the various gold, bronze and copper shades woven into a “tweed” effect, I somehow didnt get the “OMG! I need this!” feeling. Although it is similar to their Les Tissages de Chanel blushes, there is no applicator but the amount is similar to their pressed powder.

Les 4 Ombres Bird of Paradise ~ Limited Edition quadra eyeshadows with a tropical theme containing – Bright aqua, gold, green-gold and copper golds. All shades shimmery. I felt that the aqua shade was pigmented while the other gold shades were less pigmented and fairly similar (I would have to peer really hard at my eyes to see a difference). I pass on the Quadra Eyeshadows because from personal experience, aqua doesnt look good with my skintone unless there’s a darker shade to match it.

Celadon-Lamé ~ Limited edition cake eyeliner that produces a black – green shade…still thinking about this because again, it looks black to me and I doubt whether I would be able to see the difference.

Aqualumiere Lipstick ~Galapagos –  coral;  Tasmania – pink; Grenada – soft  fuchsia;  Maldives (Limited Edition) –  warm peach.

Aqualumiere Gloss ~ Colibri – Pearly shimmer; Hirondelle – vibrant pink;  Canari – bright coral

Le Vernis ~  Trapèze (Limited Edition) –  silver-beige, frosty finish; Mica Rose – milky pink, creme finish;  Orange Fizz – vivid coral, creme finish


Quite an interesting collection especially considering this is a xmas collection. Instead of the typical dark/smokey shades for xmas, the shades are quite vibrant and colourful…however, personally it felt more like a spring/summer collection that a holiday collection. On the whole, I think I will passed this collection…unless I give in to the Celadon-Lamé eyeliner.

Hope this helps!


Images from chanel.com


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