2009 Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

How are you? I hope all is well at the North Pole…

I am pretty sure you must be busy answering people’s letters…so I have made my letter a short one. Might I just say I have been a really really good gal this year too!! Things haven’t been going well in my life too, so a little pick me up would be really great!! 🙂

First on my list…

#1 Yukihana – Suqqu Holiday 2009


As much as I love Suqqu – please view my blog post on  All Things Suqqu –  and am a big fan of theirs, I wont be purchasing their Christmas set because the eyeshadow palette looks remarkable like eyeshadow quad #10 which I already have. Oh and while I would dearly love to have their limited edition mascara and eyeliner in their Christmas set but I already own their eyelash curler as well.

Since we are on the topic of giving gifts…I sure wouldn’t mine a couple of their brushes…the Face brush and Cheek Brush are what I am seriously lemming for but since I am such a nice gal… if I really have to choose one, the Face Brush is the one item that I really really really really want! ohhh…and if you could somehow conjure up their Spring edition 2009 limited edition Face Polish Omowa which was sold out before I could even play with the tester, I would be eternally grateful…

#2  Imperial Holiday – Guerlain Holiday 2009

Might I just say that their 2009 Imperial Holiday Collection is to die for this year. Lots of gorgeous gorgeous packaged items!!! Since I am being a really good gal, I wont ask for the entire collection, I will be purchasing the eyeshadow palette and the meteorites…so I would totally appreciate if you could send me the  meteorites compact, the sparkling radiant powder and their limited edition mascara too.

#3 Stardrop Purification – Lunasol 2009

I would dearly love to have eyeshadow palettes in #02, #03, #05. As an example of what a nice gal i have been, I have so far managed not to start on a Lunasol addiction, so I do believe I really deserve to have some of their eyeshadows especially since they are super-duper gorgeous this year!! And being such a nice gal, I wont request for the entire Lunasol Stardrop Purification collection…just those 3 palettes which I deem to be must buys!

#4 Lancome Holiday 2009 L’Absolu Rouge Soiree

Since I was too slow at purchasing Suqqu’s 2009 Spring edition of Face Polish Powder, I would love to have Lancome’s highlighting powder called – Sparkling Cherub Sheer Warming Illuminating Powder. It has gorgeous subtle shimmery effect without any noticeable shimmer particles…its just perfect for me!

#5 Jo Malone The Kohdo Wood Collection

Another wish list is Jo Malone’s fragrances …I have heard good things about her fragrances and am dying to try out the Dark Amber fragrance from this collection since I love incense scents. But once again, I was a little too slow to venture into the departmental store to test drive this…apparently its once again sold out.

#6 Hermes Hermessence Range of Fragrances

Apparently very exclusive Hermes scents and so exclusive that I have not been able to find any to test drive…am not asking much Mr. Santa…it would be really great if I could somehow get sniffs of these…they don’t even have to be full bottles!!!

#7 Serge Lutens Non-Export Fragrances

Another  range of exclusive fragrances that are only available in Paris…once again, a little sniff would be good…

#8 Shu Uemura Holiday 2009 – Tsumori chisato

This holiday collection is filled with whimsical accessories!! Very kawaii. I personally feel that their accessories are the hits in this collection…their lovely padded makeup case would help store my huge collection of makeup!!  Am not that fond of their color palettes…well…okay…maybe except for their highlighter…

#9 Chanel Holiday 2009 – Cage Doree de Chanel

I would like to request for the Limited Edition Eyeliner in green!.

#10 Dior Holiday 2009 – Cristal Boreale

Dior’s holiday collection was gorgeous this year. I would like to wish for the gorgeous lipgloss in the to die for packaging and their nail polishes  which once again am told are sold out!

Thanks Santa! Hope your holidays are great too!!



2 thoughts on “2009 Letter to Santa

    1. Hi Sandy,

      As far as I know, Lunasol isnt available in UK.

      Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!

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