2009 Holiday: Guerlain The Imperial Holiday Collection Review

GUERLAIN’s Imperial Holiday collection for 2009 is all about shimmer and lace, dazzling one with sparkled mascara, jewel-toned lip colors and sublime face and body powders. Read on for my thoughts on this gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous collection!

Bal de Nuit Eyeshadow Palette ~ Has two taupe tones – one greyish tinged another wif a browner tone, a pale pink and a slightly gold-tinged white, with gorgeous luminous and pearlescent shades.  The metallic case comes in a boudoir-style pouch, with a delicate lace print over the inside mirror. Personally, this is the star product for this collection! The pigmented shades are neutral and very wearable and would work for an everyday office look and it can easily be smoked for a night time look.

‘Le 2 de Guerlain’ Mascara ~ This mascara features two brushes in a special evening color. The main brush is ultra-black to intensify the beauty of your eyes, and the smaller brush is used for topcoat applications, offering touches of gold glitter on the tips of your eyelashes. The elegant design, featured in a white-gold tone, is finely decorated with a swirl of black lace wound around the sculptural wand. Ingenious idea of a mascara that comes with gold glitter! This should be available as part of their permanent line!!

Kiss Kiss’ Gloss ~3 new shades: 807 Perle de Lune – shimmery white, 808 Ambre Precieuse – shimmery nude shade and 809 Rubis Rose – shimmery plum.  Contains 0.2 oz. Gorgeous  thick highly pigmented shimmery gloss that come with a brush applicator and a gorgeous black lace pattern on the bottle.

‘Le Rouge G de Guerlain’ Lipstick ~ This holiday’s limited edition is enhanced with a black jewel clasp in shades #11 Grace  and #12 Gems. Was quite disappointed in this item 😦 I had planned on purchasing them both if the shades were lovely because I so ♥ this lipstick! But #11 Grace was verging on the brown and #12 was a bright pinky peachnot my kind of shades but perhaps suitable for others.

‘Meteorites Voyage’ Compact~ Meteorites Voyage boasts a fine-tuned formula with a single goal: to create a flawless complexion. It’s new softer and ultra-light formula features smaller ‘flecks’ of color to make blending colors easier for customized results. The new pebble-shaped case made of white-gold metal is covered with genuine black Swarovski crystals for true imperial decadence. 0.28 oz. Gorgeous heavy refillable case…very chic case in silver tone rather than their usual gold…still thinking if i should purchase this considering the cover of my present compact feels like it is about to break even though I had baby it and left it at home with the rest of my makeup rather than carry it around with me!

‘Meteorites’ Illuminating Pearls ~ Come in 3 formats—mini, medium and maxi— to optimize their evening-out and corrective action. and in three new shades for a fresh, sublime complexion. Mauve and white illuminators, with pink for freshness and gold for light, brighten and smooth the skin to a sleek satin perfection. This holiday design is enclosed in a limited-edition black shimmering Meteorites case embossed with rhinestones. Once again, the casing is different from the usual packaging – gorgeous black! Another collector’s item to purchase.

‘Sublime Radiant’ Powder ~ This sparkling powder graces the skin with a sheer veil of ‘diamond’ reflections to subtly illuminate shoulders, arms, back, décolleté and hair. Finely decorated with screen printed lace, the white-gold lacquered bottle boasts a long black-tasseled atomizer—an ultrafeminine look reminiscent of beauty objects found on imperial vanity tables. 0.35 oz I couldnt resist playing with this at the counter because the bottle was absolutely gorgeous and so feminine with the tasselled atomizer! Might I say if you love pretty things and a gold sparkly powder that feels soft and light weight, this is the item to buy! Another star product for me…alas I do not have parties to attend where I can look all sparkly!

Guerlain’s Imperial Holiday is one of my favourite Holiday collections of 2009! Shades are wearable and  tres chic!! If I had a never-ending supply of $$$, I would purchase the entire range of items!! Their meteorites is very impressive this year and am sure the rest of the meteorites collectors would no doubt purchase  them. Please have a look at karla’s blog for swatches – Guerlain Holiday: The Imperial Collection
Hope this helps!
Images from Nordstrom.com

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