2009 Holiday: Bobbi Brown Chrome Collection Review

BOBBI BROWN has created a very pretty collection called Chrome Collection and has a very pretty palette called Chrome Palette. Read on for my thoughts!

Model is wearing Pale Pink Blush, Medium Bronzer, Chrome Metallic Lip Color, Crystal Lip Gloss, Mahogany Eye Shadow (used on brows), White Eye Shadow (used all over lid), Moonlight Sparkle Eye Shadow (used on brow bone), Iron Eye Shadow (used on lower lid), Cyber Gray Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow (used in crease), Black Ink Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner (used along upper lashline), Charcoal Haze Eye Shadow (used along lower lashline), Black Extreme Party Mascara.

The Chrome Palette is perhaps the highlight of this collection.

Chrome palette includes White Eye Shadow, Polar Ice Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow, Storm Cloud Sparkle Eye Shadow, Iron Eye Shadow, Thunder Metallic Eye Shadow, Moonlight Sparkle Eye Shadow, Cyber Grey Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow, Foil Metallic Eye Shadow, Chrome Metallic Eye Shadow, Charcoal Haze Eye Shadow, Pink Mist Shimmer Lip Gloss, Winter Bronze Glitter Lip Gloss, Berry Glitter Lip Gloss, Chrome Pink Shimmer Lip Gloss.


When I first saw a picture of this palette, I was like “I NEED THIS! I WANT THIS!” However, when I tested it on the back of my hand, I felt that the grey eyeshadows in the palette had only subtle differences and doesn’t justify purchasing a whole palette of similar shades.

For swatches of this collection, check out Karla’s blog – Bobbi Brown Chrome Collection.

Check out Bobbi Brown’s video on her cool, contemporary take on special occasion beauty for this holiday season at Bobbi Brown Chrome Collection!

Hope this helps!


Images from iswii.net


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