2010 New Year’s Greetings

Dear Readers!

Happy New Year! May the year of 2010 bring you much love, happiness and money! *we makeup aficionados need it to upkeep our addictions right?*

A new year always brings with it new year resolutions…so here are mine!

#1 – Lose Weight

This has been my number #1 resolution every since I discovered the concept of resolutions! haha…but needless to say, i have been unsuccessful at keeping this! 🙂 But I most definitely have to stick to this resolution since there is a wedding coming up!! So anyone with tips on how to lose weight and keep it off, please let me know! You can either leave a comment or email me with suggestions!

#2 – Make an attempt to be presentable

Hopefully, I will walk out of the house without pen or clips stuck to my hair this year…

#3 – Use my makeup

With all the makeup stash I have…I really need to make a conscious effort to use  my makeup…

#4 – No more impulse makeup buys!

Due to the overwhelming amount of makeup items I have, when purchasing makeup in the future, I am either gonna keep to a makeup list or be very sure of the items I am purchasing. No more impulse buys!

#5 – Purchase a better phone with camera

For some reasons, sales assistants have been really touchy whenever I take out my camera to take pictures of the makeup products. So I am thinking of investing in a new mobile phone with better camera functions. Hopefully I would be able to take better photos for this blog! If you have any suggestions of a good camera phone, please do leave me a comment or email me!

#6 – Purchase items I need.

I have enough makeup to last me more than my lifetime.  So I need to divert my cash to purchasing items other than makeup…items which I really need! Like shoes and bags!! hehe…a gal can never have enough shoes or bags right? 🙂

#7 – Blog more regularly

I havent been blogging regularly in the past year but am determined to at least post once a week this year. Please do subscribe to the blog  to inform you of new posts so you dont have to keep checking my blog for updates.

#8 – Practice my photography skills.

Would like to enhance my photography skills.

#9 – Travel more often.

All those plans of travelling for the past 2 years are gonna be fulfilled this year…or at least try to be fulfilled this year.

#10 – To relax and take things in my stride.

I need to learn that things will work themselves out…if they arent going your way…and even though you made your best afford to get it too…sometimes its best to let it go…

What are your resolutions? Have you had much luck keeping to them ?Please do share your experiences…

Good luck with your resolutions!



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