Guerlain Le Rouge G de Guerlain Jewel Lipstick Compact

GUERLAIN Le Rouge G de Guerlain Jewel Lipstick Compact was featured on my Best of 2009 post as one of my best finds in 2009. Read on for my thoughts…

For product description, please see News: Guerlain Le Rouge G



  • £25 for 0.12 oz/3.5gram


  • Heavy bulky reflective silver casing.
  • The lipstick holds the mirrors in place.
  • If you withdraw the lipstick, the mirror section springs up and there’s actually 2 mirrors (think one is a magnifier mirror)


  • 25 Shades + 2 LE from Holiday 2009
  • Mix of pinks, nudes and reds.


  • Sun Protection Factor: Nil
  • Texture-wise:  Creamy lipstick. Feels lightweight on lips…like you don’t have anything on.
  • Coverage: see Effect
  • Scent/taste: Slight flowery scent.  No taste.
  • Moisturising: Very hydrating – no cracking or peeling.
  • Lasting power: Very long lasting.


Definitely a long wearing ls – I wore this at 12pm, 6 hours later  – after eating lunch and constantly drinking from a cup there’s still colour on lips – the pigmented colour has dried down to a nice stain… No drying of lips even though its long lasting. You get  no shimmer but nice sheen to it

I played with most of the shades – the reds, pinks and plums and I noticed something…there is a difference in the texture and coverage (despite what the sa saying that all textures are the same). Some shades are sheer and applies smoothly, others are pigmented and doesn’t apply as smooth…it kinda feels heavier and thicker. I know because I tested all the shades more than twice on two different occasions cos I bought 2 within 2 weeks! Yup…i know…crazy woman! I have shade #22 Greta – its super pigmented and it doesn’t apply as smooth (well…for it to apply smoothly, i have to apply a little more pressure and it does go on smoothly but then there colour becomes heavy coverage and very full – on ). When compared to #64 Gemma which is sheerer and glides easily on lips.



Sorry I couldn’t resist this lippe. I have 4 and  I bought 2 within 2 weeks…am planning more shades but am letting my wallet rest a little first because it is super duper expensive…more so than YSL Rouge Volupte and Chanel Rouge Allure Laques…but if you like lipsticks, you really need to check this out!

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous…more classy than their KissKiss range and  I do  love lipsticks with mirrors…so convenient with no need of carrying a mirror but I am disappointed with Guerlain…actually I felt a little short changed. I love Guerlain so I have a few of their items – compact foundation, smoothing illuminator etc and all their items come with a black velvet pouch…and for this not to have a pouch…I felt its something that shouldnt be overlooked…especially for an established brand like Guerlain…and a lipstick with a design such as this would need a velvet pouch so much more than the smoothing illuminator. How remiss of the designers from Guerlain! *tsk-tsk*

Other then that…the lipstick itself is to die for – creamy, lightweight, long lasting and actually moisturising!!

Hope this helps!


Image from Neiman Marcus

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2 thoughts on “Guerlain Le Rouge G de Guerlain Jewel Lipstick Compact

  1. Hi,this is Pantea.

    I want to order guerlain lipstick but I dont know how,please aswer me as soon as you can.
    I live in california, if you can please let me know where can I go for buy the guerlain lipstick.

    Thank you so much.

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