The Remington Spin Curl Dryer

I had previously written about the Remington Hair curler in this post – Beachy waves…The Remington Spin Curl Dryer. The review’s a little late because I cut my hair short shortly after I bought this and I wanted to wait till my hair was longer before I wrote my review…so 7 months since I first wrote about it, here’s my thoughts…

Technical Aspects ~ Its pretty lightweight yet sturdy and compact. The hairdryer and funnel detaches easily although it worries me that it might not remain attached if I constantly remove the funnel. The funnel is made of sturdy plastic too but I wouldn’t advise dropping it.

Drying ~ Voltage is 1600 watts – so  i personally feel it’s a little low in power especially since I have such thick hair. Drying takes close to 45mins with my thick shoulder length hair.

Curling Effects ~ the most important question is does the Remington Hair curler truly curls the hair? Well, am afraid to say it depends!

According to my hairstylist, I have coarse, frizzy uneven curl pattern – in plain English, on bad days, my hair looks like a lion’s mane, on good days, it starts looking at a Lion’s mane in the late afternoon. But for some reason, this gadget helps to define my curls…and the funnel truly does create curls for my hair. If I do not use hair styling products, the curls slightly straightened out and i get lovely waves the next morning. If I use hair styling products, the curls last and if I don’t wash my hair, the curls actually last till the next day.

My cousin was interested in this gadget too. She has long silky straight (and I mean really straight) hair. Although the gadget dried her hair well, she didn’t get any defined curls but kinks in her hair. Perhaps its her hair texture and using curling hair products might have helped…

The other issue to consider is the hair length. When my hair was cut in layers and slightly longer than my chin, I couldn’t achieve curls very well because the hair wasn’t long enough for the air in the funnel to spin it around. Once I had longer hair –EG:shoulder length hair, the gadget worked quite well even when my hair was layered.

Ease of usage ~ very easy to use! One only needs to take some hair and place it in the funnel and move it up and down…the hot air from the funnel takes care of the curling so there is no chance of burning your ears/fingers/hair with a tong!

Verdict ~ I love this hairdryer! I guess you can say I am pretty fickle cos while I love creating curls  sometimes I do love the straight look too so this gadget serves  my purpose. When I cut my hair short again (hehe…in about a week’s time, this would also work fine just drying my short hair).

Hope this helps!


2 thoughts on “The Remington Spin Curl Dryer

  1. Nutty
    I hope a lot of your readers purchased this because it was too good too be true. One of my friends did when I told her to(unfortunately she now has short hair). Retailers would not carry it because it would reduce curling iron sales. Now Remington realized this and it is discontinued. I hope you use it for a long time. Hopefully the attachment will fit future dryers.

    1. Hi Eddie

      I can only hope that my reviews are useful to my readers but I have no idea if my readers did purchase this item…
      But I am truly shock that Remington would discontinue this item! It is an amazing gadget that truly produces results…
      Thanks for letting me know this depressing news…I shall now go baby my precious!!

      Thanks for visiting my blog!

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