2010 Spring Collection – Motifs Galore!

A very quick summary of Spring 2010 from the various beauty brands – Motifs! There are loads of motifs this year for the Spring collections either on the packaging or the actual product itself. Have a look at my quick round up of the collections for Spring 2010…


First on the list is Paul and Joe’s Spring 2010 Disney Collection! This collection is simply too cute and for once I can understand why bloggers would describe something as  TDF! This collection is TDF…in a cutesy way. If you like cute and whimsical packaging, this collection is definitely for you!

The other collection with motifs on their packaging would be Shu Uemura’s Spring 2010 Collection. There are swirly lines over their eyeshadow tubes. Quite understated.


I guess the beauty brand that best fits the theme of this post would be Dior’s Spring 2010 – Lace Collection. It is ultra gorgeous with all the lace patterns on the product! A delicate pretty lace pattern decorates the eyeshadow palettes and highlighters.

Guerlain’s Spring 2010 – Cherry Blossom is another gorgeous collection that is heavily decorated.  An absolute gorgeous collection and one of my favourites for this Spring! There are heavy swirls of contrasting shades on the eyeshadows and blushers which are meant to invoke the Cherry Blossom season. These motifs which are not only pleasing to the eye actually do give an added dimension to the actual product – the shades  are actually deeper when mixed with the motifs.

I previously mention Paul and Joe’s Disney Collection but Paul and Joe always creates a collection of eyeshadows and lipsticks with their special seasonal prints. They are called Collection Sparkles and the prints are usually from that same season’s clothing collections. The collection this year is a little unique from previous years. Usually each collection would have the cardboard eyeshadow container imprinted with the seasonal motif and there will be matching lipsticks in their matching containers too. This year, instead of the matching lipsticks, there are matching lipglosses in little cute tubs. Very kawaii!!

Clarins too has one item which has motifs in it and might I say, sometimes one is enough. Have a look at the very delicate flowers in this product that seem to come alive in this compact… Absolutedly Gorgeous!

Lancome’s O My Rose Spring 2010 collection  has a flower motif too. But unlike Clarins, their flower motif is quite small and very discreet. You probably cant see it in this lousy picture of mine but there’s a rose motif smack right about the lower left hand of the palette.

Finally, the other really really cute motif design for Spring 2010 is Chantecaille’s Les Dauphins Collection which features Dolphins as their motifs!  Chantecaille releases palettes that highlight the plight of endangered species. This Spring 2010 collection  highlights the plight of the dolphins.

Spring 2010 seems to be filled with motifs. Although there were lace patterns  from Dior and Shu Uemura, and a really cute cartoon inspired collection by Paul and Joe, it was  predominately flowers – Guerlain, Clarins , Paul and Joe – very fitting for Spring when flowers blossom isnt it?

I am super duper tempted to purchase Paul and Joe’s Disney collection, Chantecaille’s Les Dauphins palette and Guerlain’s Spring Collection. So which collection(s) have you set your eye on? Do you have any favourites or dislikes? Please do share!

Happy Drooling!


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