2010 Spring Looks: The Nude, Natural and Lady – Like Themes

Alright, another post on Spring 2010…hope you aren’t bored by now. This post relates to the colour themes that I detected after the last post.

In my humble opinion, Spring 2010 has two themes – the nude /natural and the lady-like look.


Perhaps the collection that best fits this is the Giorgio Armani Nude Contrasts Collection haha.. Get it?  Giorgio Armani’s Nude Contrast Collection provides a nude look!! *Forgive me for being lame!* A picture of their palette that looks exceedingly pale and no doubt would create a really nude look…

The other collection that fits this would be Estee Lauder’s Very Hollywood Collection. This collection is in collaboration with designer Michael Kors. The palettes are in shades of caramel hues and pinks which would help with the nude look.

Chanel’s Spring 2010 collection – Les Impressions de CHANEL Collection would be great for a nude / natural look with all their caramel and beige shades as well…

Not to be out -done, Suqqu too has a gorgeous mix of earthly shades – creams, taupes and chocolates- for their Spring 2010 Kisui Collection –

Laura Mercier’s Spring 2010 Polished Collection is frankly speaking, making a mess out of my themes because I think this collection fits both themes rather well…nice caramel shades that create a well…polished lady-like look! Great for Office Lady looks!


The other collections appear to fit into the lady-like theme…

Guerlain’s cherry blossom would fit perfectly into this theme – soft pinks and gorgeous purples.  I think this collection nails the sweet pink/purple look!

Dior’s Collection is all soft purples, pinks and classic grey which would give a very lady like look!

Chantecaille’s Les Dauphins Collection is all about soft pinks and greys too…tres chic…

All in all, I am a little upset (in a good way) with this year’s Spring collection because usually I love autumn/winter or the holiday collections and my wallet’s is safe till the next autumn/winter collection but I foresee myself splurging this season too.

The Spring 2010 collections seem to be quite wearable this season – nude and lady – like looks – who doesn’t want to enhance their assets and look all natural and yet gorgeous?? I would also say that the collections could work well if you use the darker shades to create smokey looks. So the collections are quite wearable and definitely workable and would no doubt serve well for those office looks or those who favour natural / neutral looks.

Please do share your thoughts on Spring 2010!

Happy reading!


Images from iswii.net






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