Save The Date: February 25th 2010

Dear Readers,

Please save the date – February 25th 2010…nope am not getting married…its something so much better! 🙂 Chanel is introducing their new lipstick collection!

The new lipstick collection – Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour – is meant to convert the younger generation, who grew up using lipgloss, into lipstick aficionados…

Price at USD30 and £21, its alot more expensive than lipgloss…but hey, if you wanna look like Vanessa Paradis who is the spokesperson for the new lipsticks (see below image), i guess USD30 and £21 is reasonable…and if you add to the fact that her other half is JOHNNY DEPP! *yup! am screaming his name out loud!* No price is too high!! 🙂

The new Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick supposedly boosts new technology that aids in increasing hydration and colour pigment. The collection comprises of 30 shades with more wearable shades of pink, red and brown and is house in the classic Chanel black case.

You might want to check out Templita’s post who was lucky to score some samples *wish I was so lucky!*Chanel Rouge Coco: Sneak Peak with Review, Photo and Swatches.

Happy Drooling!

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