Chanel Rouge Coco in Voce

Previously I  wrote about the launch of Chanel’s new lipstick called Chanel Rouge Coco on the 25th February 2010 under the heading as Save The Date: February 25 2010. Unfortunately, when I rushed down to the counters during the weekend, I met a makeup assistant who was clueless about this collection!  At another counter, I had to insist that there is a launch of new lipsticks before I was told the Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks will only be launch sometime in April. I guess the launch of Chanel Rouge Coco on 25th February 2010 is only for the US and Canada… am not too sure about UK counters (am currently based in Asia at the moment) *

I was feeling downright grumpy and suffering from withdrawal effects of not being able to get my hands on the latest Chanel lipstick but Japanese Magazine VOCE’s April 2010 issue has come to my rescue. ..The April edition has a feature on the Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks!

Have a look at the entire range of Chanel’s Rouge Coco…yes! All THIRTY (30) shades of the Rouge Cocos!




Might I say that there’s a lovely range of pinks, reds, beiges and browns…but in particular I spy a handful of intriguing deep reds…the elusive deep reds that have been avoiding me!!

I really recommend having a look at the  Chanel Video for a very insightful and useful video/write up listing information about the lipstick Rouge Coco and the various looks created by Peter Philips. The contents of the link include – The Film (the advertisment for the Chanel Lipstick), The Muse (a short write up on Vaness Paradis the spokesperson for the lipstick and a run down of her look for the advertisement), The Creator: Peter Philips (a video on his thoughts while showing the making of the film), The Secrets of Rouge Coco (information about the lipstick)  and The Colours of a Legend ( a summary on the various shades of lipstick in the Rouge Coco collection and the different looks created by Peter Philips).

I will update once I get my hands on these babies…**

Hope this helps!


*POST UPDATED March 16 2010 – As far as I know, the Chanel Counters in UK should have received the Rouge Cocos. The new Rouge Cocos should be available at Japan Counters end of March, at Taiwan Counters in Mid April, Singapore and Malaysian counters in April. For ladies who do not have access to this yet and are dying to get their hands on these babies, they are available on Strawberrynet . I have not bought anything from the website nor do I know if the prices are competitive.

**POST UPDATED April 2 2010 – For my review, please see Chanel Rouge Cocos Review.

Images from April 2010 Voce magazine (Japan Edition)


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