Shopping at Suqqu

SUQQU is currently available only in Japan, Bangkok and UK (London and Birmingham). Please see their store directory for addresses and telephone numbers. I have had experience shopping at their London and Japan counters.



Directions – I first discovered Suqqu in London at Selfridges’ counter. The counter is situated in the chocolate “department”, stuck right behind brands such as Bumble and Bumble, and right next to RMK counter.

Service – Suqqu staff are very, very knowledgeable about their products and also friendly, in particular Maria and Sze won. Maria speaks excellent English although she’s half Japanese. Sze won who’s from Hong Kong speaks English, Cantonese and a smattering of mandarin. They both have an excellent eye at choosing shades suitable for my skintone…I don’t usually apply makeup at the counters and rely on either the counter staff or my own judgement at choosing colour shades. Maria and Sze won have been very spot on in their suggestions for me.

Loyalty Program – Apparently London counters (not too sure about Birmingham) are the only Suqqu counters (world-wide) to have this loyalty program. For every £60 spent, a token is awarded. Collect 6 tokens and one can redeem items such as a mascara or lip protector (a choice of redeemable items are available on their redemption form). Collect all 12 tokens and a full size Massage cream worth £60 can be redeem. One has to fill up the redemption form which is sent to the head office in Japan and the chosen item is shipped directly from Japan headquarters so it takes a few weeks for the item to reach London. The best time would be to purchase items during their double points events, where one gets 2 tokens in exchange for spending £60. Last year, the double point events were during April and during the debut of the autumn collection.

Beauty Events – There are events usually held each time a new collection or new product is introduced. For £30, one gets to try out their Gankin massage using their Massage Cream and a makeover using the new collection’s shades. Sometimes, a makeup artist flies in directly from Japan give makeovers.

Samples /GWP – During events, there are GWP depending on the items bought. If you would like to ask for samples to try out certain items, in particular their skincare, do not hesitate to ask. The Suqqu counter staff are quite happy to provide them if they do have them.



I had the pleasure of visiting Suqqu counters when I visited Japan in February.

Directions – Best to have a look at Suqqu’s website on the shopping department and then do a google search for the shopping centre’s directory. Alternatively bring a suqqu item and ask for directions at the information desk at the departmental store.

Service – erm…the staff do not speak English… so do not expect an explanation of the product. Besides that, they were extremely polite and they really did try their best at trying to answer your questions.

Beauty Events –When a new collection is launch.

Samples/ GWP – I was at the counter during the launch of the Kisui collection I spent a total of YEN 39000. No samples or GWP given.

On hindsight, I should have bought the items at the London counters…guess I was a little excited over the fact that I was visiting a Suqqu counter in Japan! I did try to take photos of the Suqqu counters in Japan but was stopped from doing so…see how crazy I was?   Due to the strong Japanese Yen at the moment, it is much cheaper to purchase Suqqu items in UK…plus in UK there’s the fantastic loyalty program as well!!

Someday, I hope to visit the Bangkok Suqqu counters as well!!

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Happy Reading!

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4 thoughts on “Shopping at Suqqu

    1. Hi Shirley

      I so not believe Suqqu is available in Australia. I suggest ordering online. Check out my other post on shopping for suqqu online here.

      Hope this helps!

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