Suqqu Massage Cream Review

SUQQU’s Massage Cream is on my Best of 2009 list.


Usage – Scope a walnut size amount using the plastic applicator provided. Apply the cream using the Gankin Massage steps. Remove with the damp sponge cloth provided. Suqqu recommends the Face Refresher to completely remove the cream. Recommended use twice a day.

Texture – A thick creamy cream that is spreadable and easy for massage purposes. Quite emollient. However, it leaves a film on the skin after wiping off.

Fragrance – The regular cream comes with a green tea scent and is pale green in colour. It’s quite a lovely, refreshing scent. Tub is white in colour. Each year, a special scented limited edition is created. The packaging of the limited edition also matches the scent.

2009 – Cherry Blossom Edition. Scent is a soft flowery fragrant -very pleasant to the nose. Cream is a light pink shade. Tub has light pink cherry blossoms printed on it.

2010 – Jasmine Edition. Jasmine scent is a touch overpowering to the nose. Cream is white in colour. Tub has yellow jasmine flowers and green leaves printed on it.

Effects – I personally feel my skin is cleansed, toned, exfoliated and tighten with this product. I think used in conjunction with the massage, skin is firmed as well.


The MUST BUY skincare item!!  I first came across this product because of Suqqu’s makeup assistant. She had the most gorgeous translucent clear skin and I thought she was using Suqqu’s foundation. But she actually had nothing but powder and blusher on and has been using this product twice day! Although it’s pretty expensive, I feel a little goes a long way and since it’s a miracle worker, it can substitute several other products as well! One can definitely see the results from using this product.

Hope this helps!


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4 thoughts on “Suqqu Massage Cream Review

  1. Wow, this product sounds amazing! Sadly, I’m super bad at massaging… :/
    So, will have to start learning how to massage properly now!

    1. Hi Jess

      I believe massaging is one of the best things we can do for our face. Perhaps start by incorporating massaging into your routine say for once a month and then gradually build up the frequency?

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  2. Thanks for sharing Nutty, I really wanted to buy that when i was in Japan but it was too expensive and the jar wouldn’t last me long at all but i think i will give it a try next time anyway since it’s that good 🙂

    1. Hi Ena

      Sorry for the late reply. Suqqu is indeed very expensive right now in Japan! Perhaps try getting samples to discover the “greatness” before you splurge on a full bottle? 😛

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!

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