Chanel Rouge Coco Review

CHANEL introduces a modern interpretation of classic creme lip colour as an homage to the rich life and legacy of ‘Coco’ Chanel…


My experience with Chanel Rouge Cocos is as follows:~
The packaging of the lipstick is simply to die for! The typical black casing with the gold in the middle of the case and the double interlocking “Cs” on the top of the cap is recreated in light metal and gives an audible click whenever  the lid is closed, thereby creating a very luxurious feel and is very tres chic!

The texture of the Rouge Coco lipsticks are creamy and glides easily onto the lips. The coverage of the lipstick leans towards full coverage, giving very pigmented shades on the lips. There isnt noticeable shimmer on the lips, one would think the finish is matte, but when light hits your lips, you will notice a faint shimmer.  The lipstick had a tendency to sink into my lips. Looking at my lips, it looked like I had applied several layers of lipstick when I had only one coat on. Perhaps it would have looked less cakey on my lips if I had used a lip brush rather than applying it straight from the tube. Using a lip balm beneath the lipstick did remove the cakey effect.

According to the product description, the new  Rouge Cocos features a Hydratendre complex to help soften, soothe and condition lips – even boosting their ability to hold in moisture – for a plumper, smoother and healthier-looking appearance.   The lipsticks are meant to be long-lasting and perhaps that is why I felt my lips were drying out towards the evening, but at least it didnt make my lips peel by afternoon like other long-lasting formulaes. I still feel much more comfortable with a lip balm under the lipstick.

Lipsticks are scented with a light rose scent…similar to Anna Sui’s rose scent. Scent is only noticeable when applying the lipstick and does fade away fast.

Am quite curious about this product…the whole idea of creating this new range of lipstick is to try to convert the younger generation of lip gloss wearers – please see my post on Chanel Rouge Cocos. However, a lip gloss has a lightweight texture and depending on the brand it might be sticky or gloopy but most of the time a lip gloss produces sheer colour with lots of glossy shine.

The other sticking point is the pricing. If you are trying to get a lip gloss lover to graduate to a lipstick, paying USD30 is quite costly compared to purchasing a lip gloss….

In my honest opinion, Rouge Coco doesn’t have any of the properties that I would associate with a lip gloss, in fact, to me I would say this is a pretty good lipstick. If i were a lip gloss fanatic, I would have preferred a lipstick that maintains similar texture or effects of a lip gloss to entice me and make me into a lipstick convert…you know…something similar along the lines of what I was previously familiar with…unless off course Chanel was hoping to create a kick-ass lipstick that would blow one’s mind away at first instance and make one convert asap??

Did Chanel create a kick-ass lipstick? I guess that would depend on individual taste…I much prefer light weigh lipsticks that provide a nice wash of colour on the lips, giving a slightly shimmery look to the lips but without being sticky or gloopy…I do believe due to personal preferences I would reach for my Chanel Rouge Allure Laques more.

On the other hand, please do check out the Chanel Rouge Cocos if you like or are looking for a full coverage creamy lipstick, that applies easily on the lips and is long-lasting.

Please do share your thoughts on the Chanel Rouge Cocos too!

Hope this helps!

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