Paul & Joe Nail Polishes Review

PAUL & JOE nail polishes were featured in my Best of 2009 list as one of  my best finds during that year.

Application ~ very easy. The brush hair is long but firm. As the nail polish is quite thin, it dries very fast. I experienced no streaking with the few bottles I had.

Scent ~There is a gorgeous scent when the polish dries. The scent lasts about  4 days.

Durability ~ The polish lasts about 5 days on my tips without chipping without the use of a topcoat.

Shades ~ There is quite a good range of neutrals and pink shades. No interesting shades like black, blue, green or purples. The finish ranges from glossy cremes to shimmery to glittery.

I love their nail polishes as much as Anna Sui because of the scent and the relatively stress free application – applies easily and dries fast!

Unfortunately when I wanted to purchase more of them, a lot of the shades I wanted (the neutrals #02, #03, #04, #05) were out of stock. The sales assistant further revealed that they are discontinued colours and that there might be changes to the formulation because they are revamping the nail collection. That was in December of 2009. I recently went to the counter again and was told that they were actually out of stock in Japan but the sales assistant doesn’t know if there is going to be a revamp of the nail polish collection.

I didn’t quite understand why the sales assistant left the testers on the display if they were out of stock! Got my hopes up high! 😦 The sales assistant has no idea when the new stocks of the shades I wanted would be in, I just have to keep checking back…

You might want to check out my swatches of the paul & joe nail polishes I have at  Swatches: Paul  Joe Summer 09 LE Polishes & Shade #26

Hope this helps!


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