Guerlain Les Météorites Powders Review

GUERLAIN has a collection known called Guerlain Meteorites Powder Collection. The Les Météorites Powders are part of the collection.


Shades ~ The Les Météorites Powders come in 3 shades.

  1. Pink Fresh – Shimmery rosy pink.
  2. Beige Chic – Shimmery beige.
  3. Mystic – Mix of purple, green, gold and white.

Packaging ~ Cardboard carton with patterns relating to their respective shades. The patterns change for each seasonal creation. There’s a soft sponge within the cardboard as well. There is a huge amount of product in the container which lasts a long time.

Effect ~ Mystic gives a very very natural soft focus glow. One looks like am glowing from within. Pink Fresh is a bit to rosy and pink for my fair skin to be used all over my skin. I tend to use this as a blush. Beige Chic is slightly dark for my skin. I tend to use this more of a bronzer. There is no oil control properties in this face powder.

My mom hates it when I use makeup. This is the only item that she approves off and pinches it when she has events she wants to attend. I love Mystic – it gives me a soft glow that serves to enhance my features. I always get compliments when I have this on. This item in terms of makeup jargon is a HG (holly grail) item for me.

Pink Fresh and Beige Chic are both a bit too pigmented to use over my fair skin so its been relegated to my cheeks/bronzer category but since I have my favorites for those category, Pink Fresh and Beige Chic gets left on to their own devices a lot. But if your skin isn’t as fair as mine, I believe Beige Chic would suit you better and not create a white cast on your skin.

Hope this helps!

Image from Sephora

2 thoughts on “Guerlain Les Météorites Powders Review

  1. Mythic was the first Météorites Powder I got, but I prefer Beige Chic even if I’m very fair, due to the fact it neutralizes the pink undertone of my skin. Mythic does brighten more, but makes me look too pink. 😉

    Yay, you have fixed the comment-leaving-issue!

    1. Hi Jess

      I originally like Beige Chic too, till one day I noticed my skin had turned muddy and dark and realised that its too dark for my skin…:(
      I have read on MUA that some find Pink Fresh perfect as an all over powder too – so I guess it depends on each individual’s skin tone and personal preference.

      Yes! I manage to correct the comments setting. Am so glad you told me about the problems with my comments – leaving – issue! Thanks for that!

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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